Executive Team

Peter J. Giammanco

Founder & Board Member

Like many of U.S. Legal Support’s executives, Peter is a court reporter himself, and has litigation support in his DNA. He began his career in 1985 as a Certified Shorthand Reporter and Registered Professional Reporter. He is also a Certified Realtime Reporter and Certified Livenote Reporter.

In 1987 he founded G & G Court Reporters, a boutique court reporting firm serving the reporting needs of top tier law firms throughout Southern California. In 1997, he sold his company to U.S. Legal Support and joined the team that founded U.S. Legal Support. He has held various senior-level positions and serves as our Founder, Executive Advisor and Board Member.

Peter’s work touches everything U.S. Legal Support does day-to-day. He sits on the Board of Directors and is focused on the growth of the company while expanding U.S. Legal Support’s operations with his expertise in strategic planning and utilization of technology to enhance the client experience. While his role and responsibilities are vast, you will regularly find Peter in one of our local offices interacting and engaging with the team “on the ground”. He’s known for his keen ability to appreciate all the moving pieces. His method is to dig in and listen to the team in order to identify obstacles corporate can remove, further enhancing the success of operations. His role, in a sentence, is to develop programs and resources to ensure employees and reporters in the field are supported, equipped with all the training and tools they need to exceed the expectation of our clients.

He is also constantly evaluating new technologies, strategies, acquisitions, and new lines of business, always with the goal of making U.S. Legal Support more innovative and efficient – in short, the leading litigation support company for many years to come.