Executive Team

Jack Stein

Principal at TrialEx

Jack Stein is a Principal at TrialEx, a U.S. Legal Support company which acquired Trial Exhibits, Inc. in August of 2023. Jack was formerly the founder and President of Trial Exhibits. TrialEx is a nationwide Consulting, Exhibits and Trial Presentation company with offices located across the country.

Jack has over 34 years of trial consulting experience with a focus on Medical Malpractice cases as well as other practice areas of litigation. TrialEx provides litigation support services on average of 1,000 cases per year and is the exclusive “Preferred Vendor” of litigation support services to numerous Corporations, Insurance companies and Hospitals. Jack advises trial teams on jury consulting, theme development, visual strategies and impression management utilizing demonstrative exhibits, technology in the courtroom and trial presentation support.

Prior to starting Trial Exhibits in 1989, Jack worked as the Art Director for a national engineering firm and for Unisys a defense contractor at the King Fahd Royal Naval Academy in Jabil, Saudi Arabia.

Jack earned his bachelor’s degree in graphic design and photography from West Virginia University. In addition to running TrialEx, Jack enjoys traveling with his wife, mountain biking, snowboarding and water sports. He lives in Tampa, Florida with his wife Kathleen and has two children.