Seamless and Secure Remote Depositions

Remote depositions have transformed the litigation landscape, offering a practical and efficient solution in our increasingly digital world. In response to the widespread adoption, we reimagined the remote deposition process to deliver a superior platform and experience with RemoteDepo Pro™.

Our secure remote deposition solutions help keep discovery on track and are trusted by thousands of legal professionals for more than 115,000 remote events each year.


RemoteDepo Pro™ is specifically designed for legal proceedings, leveraging state-of-the-art technology to provide the tools you need for effective and flexible remote depositions, hearings, arbitrations, and other matters. With advanced exhibit sharing, annotation, storage and management tools, plus high-fidelity multi-channel audio capture, everyone can participate in a remote deposition and interact as if they were in the same conference room.

  • High-definition video conferencing with high-fidelity audio capture
  • Exhibit sharing, stamping, storage, and management
  • Basic exhibit annotation tools: select, draw, highlight area, format color/font/size, add basic shapes, undo/redo
  • Advanced exhibit annotation tools: stamp exhibits, highlight text, direct to page, and revoke witness annotation permissions
  • Consolidated view of upcoming and past proceedings
  • Private, self-service breakout rooms
  • Use the chat window to communicate with all parties during the proceeding
  • Live speech-to-text feed of participant audio with instant playback (can be downloaded after the proceeding to review offline)
  • Centralized deposition review post proceeding with Testimony Review
  • Technical support for the duration of your deposition
  • Professional legal videography, Deposition Technicians, rough drafts, and final transcripts available
  • Realtime feed of transcript available through CaseView Net integration
  • Best practice security including SOC 2 TYPE 2 and HIPAA compliance, end-to-end encryption, and account-based authentication

See RemoteDepo Pro™ in Action

Reimagined Exhibit Sharing, Annotation, and Management

Modeled after in-person proceedings, RemoteDepo Pro™ simplifies and streamlines exhibit sharing, annotation, stamping, and management with elevated functionality and controls.

  • Easily share documents with a single click
  • Exhibits remain private until shared
  • One-click direct to page for all attendees
  • Attorneys and court reporters can upload and annotate exhibits before or during the proceeding
  • Ability to stamp exhibits before, during, or after the proceeding
  • Annotations (highlights, shapes, etc.) on all shared exhibits are preserved, saved, and available post proceeding 
  • Case exhibits from proceedings you attended are available for future use within the platform 

Integrated and Advanced Exhibit Sharing, Stamping, Annotation, and Management Tools

Live view of the shared exhibit

Easily direct everyone to view the same page of an exhibit by clicking the "Direct to Page" button

Stamp exhibits and customize stamp color, size, text, and placement

Grant annotation permissions to the witness to make live document annotations

Witness' video remains pinned throughout proceeding (ability to pin additional videos)

Click to enter a private, self-service sidebar room and invite proceeding participants

Standard virtual proceeding control panel, including mute/unmute, show/hide camera, leave proceeding, settings, and more

Annotation toolbar with features including highlight, draw, shapes, text boxes, arrows, and more (including color/size/font customizations)

Witness' video includes date and time stamp

Annotations on shared exhibits are preserved, saved, and available post proceeding 

Custom trial graphic produced by our TrialEx team of certified Medical Illustrators, Forensic Animators, Senior Graphic Designers, and more. View more samples at:

"On the Record" indicator

Hover over any circular dot on the image above to learn more about the feature.

Automatic Exhibit Rollover from Previous Depositions on the Same Case

On a per case basis, for any proceedings you attend, the shared exhibits from each proceeding automatically roll over to future proceedings. This makes it quick and easy to review previously shared exhibits, with their saved annotations, on future proceedings.

Quickly share an exhibit from a previous proceeding using the "copy and share" option. When clicked, the exhibit will be copied and instantly shared with all proceeding participants.

Any exhibits you uploaded on a previous deposition for the same case, but did not share, are available for you to view privately. These remain private until you share them on the record using the "share" button.

On a per case basis, for any proceedings you attend, the shared exhibits from each proceeding automatically roll over to future proceedings to quickly review and re-share.

Clicking on the exhibit title will open the exhibit for private review. Any annotations made to the exhibits when shared previously are preserved and available for review, too.

Exhibits from previous depositions on the same case are grouped by proceeding, labeled with both the deposition date and witness' name. This view will be available to you for any proceeding you attended on the case.

View a date/time stamp for when the exhibit was previously shared.

Quickly upload additional exhibits to easily share on the record.

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Easily follow testimony with ViewScript during your proceeding

RemoteDepo Pro™️ includes ViewScript, a live speech-to-text feed of participant audio powered by Automated Speech Recognition (ASR) technology. ViewScript captures high-fidelity audio from each participant on individual channels, instantly translating it from speech into summary text for immediate review. You can also play back any portion of audio during the proceeding without crosstalk or interference. The audio is synced with the speech-to-text feed, enabling parties to:

  • See a live speech-to-text feed from participant audio
  • Play back any portion of testimony privately or for the group
  • View speaker identifications and timestamps
  • Bookmark segments of testimony for future reference and review
  • Search for keywords or phrases
  • Download a copy of the speech-to-text feed after the proceeding for review offline
  • Review the speech-to-text feed synced with the recorded audio and video within RemoteDepo Pro™️ post proceeding

Centralized deposition review post proceeding with Testimony Review

After a proceeding concludes, the audio and video recordings are synced with the ViewScript speech-to-text feed and available within the platform for review.

  • Watch the proceeding recording and follow along with the speech-to-text feed
  • Bookmark segments of testimony
  • View speaker identifications and timestamps
  • Search by keyword or phrase
  • Download introduced exhibits

Video recording of witness' camera

Bookmark portions of testimony

Download introduced exhibits, complete with saved annotations (if applicable)

View speaker identifications and time samps

View all bookmarks and easily jump from one portion of testimony to another

Hover over any circular dot on the image above to learn more about the feature.

Consolidated views of upcoming and past proceedings

RemoteDepo Pro™️ provides consolidated views of upcoming and past proceedings. Use the Dashboard to see a list of all proceedings you’ve attended or been invited to. Quickly join an upcoming proceeding by clicking “Join Now” or review a previous proceeding you attended by clicking “Review”. Search the dashboard by keyword, case name, job number, or date to quickly find the proceeding you need.

Dashboard View: Centralized view of upcoming and past proceedings
Dashboard View: Centralized view of upcoming and past proceedings

The Calendar shows a monthly view of upcoming and past proceedings you attended. Clicking a case name will take you to that proceeding to join or review.

Calendar View: Monthly view of upcoming and past proceedings
Calendar View: Monthly view of upcoming and past proceedings

With nearly all of my depositions taking place remotely, having a secure and easy-to-use platform to conduct my depositions is of the utmost importance to me, my team, and most importantly, my clients.  U.S. Legal Support’s new deposition platform, RemoteDepo Pro™,  is innovative and provides everything I need in one succinct application: the ability to upload exhibits prior to or during a deposition, annotation tools, breakout rooms, and even a live feed of the questions and testimony in real time while the deposition is taking place. This makes it easy for me to follow the questions and testimony as they are spoken, instantly play back any audio, if necessary, and flag portions of the transcript for later review and trial preparation. Having used other remote deposition solutions, I am continually impressed with the advanced tools that are only available on RemoteDepo Pro.


Johnson, Anselmo, Murdoch, Burke, Piper & Hochman, P.A.

RemoteDepo Pro™ from U.S. Legal Support is as good as it gets for remote proceedings. With RemoteDepo Pro, everything I need is in one seamless, easy-to-use platform, and I am in complete control of the proceeding, and my witness, from start to finish. Since it’s built for depositions, the features I need are readily available. Exhibit sharing, marking, and annotation is built into the platform with greater functionality than other remote meeting platforms. It’s an advantage to have the ability to direct witnesses to a specific page of a document and allow them to review the entire document on their own. One of my favorite features is ViewScript, the live speech-to-text feed of the testimony. With it, I no longer need to take notes and can focus more on my questioning because it’s all right in front me to see, or even play back during the proceeding. The post proceeding review within the platform is also very helpful and effective for deposition preparation. I’m able to review the video recording along with the speech-to-text feed whenever needed. For longer depositions, I can do a keyword search to quickly find important testimony. I also appreciate how intuitive the platform is. After a short demo, I didn’t need any formal training to use it effectively. RemoteDepo Pro™ is the most efficient way I’ve seen it done, and it makes me look good in front of my colleagues and clients.

Frank Sardinha III

Of Counsel Loren & Kean Law

Remote Deposition Resources

The adoption of remote deposition formats has resulted in benefits for litigators and other parties involved in litigation. With tools and functionality that mirror in-person proceedings, remote depositions allow everyone to participate in the deposition remotely as if they were in the same room. Remote depositions became the tool of choice for litigators during the coronavirus pandemic and have become an integral part of the deposition landscape moving forward, thanks in part to the flexibility and cost savings afforded by the remote format. Here are some of the growing benefits that remote depositions offer both attorneys and clients:

  • Maximize efficiency for all parties by facilitating or taking depositions from your home or office
  • Easy, flexible virtual deposition scheduling with nationwide coverage
  • Reduced travel time and expense for attorneys and clients
  • Robust security including encrypted communications

Remote Deposition Checklist

A Few Days Prior to the Remote Deposition:

  • If using RemoteDepo Pro™ for the first time, create your account in order to access full platform functionality both during and after your proceeding
  • Test equipment and connection at least 24 hours before the virtual deposition
  • Make sure you have a webcam-equipped computer/device and a strong Internet connection
  • We also recommend testing your audio to identify which option provides optimal audio quality

Day of the Remote Video Deposition

  • Find a distraction-free space and connect to the platform at your remote location at least 15 minutes before the live virtual deposition begins
  • Make sure exhibits are accessible electronically on your device

Other Considerations

  • Communicate additional proceeding requirements with U.S. Legal Support when scheduling your deposition. For example, will you require a Legal Videographer or Interpreter?

Resource Downloads

To learn more about our remote solutions for depositions and all other remote proceedings, click the links below.

Additional Remote Deposition Services: RemoteDepo

In addition to our state-of-the-art RemoteDepo Pro platform, we also offer our legacy remote deposition solution, RemoteDepo. With an internet connection and webcam-equipped device, you can communicate in real time, observe witness body language, and seamlessly facilitate questioning.

  • Secure and dedicated web-based conference room
  • Live exhibit sharing with drag and drop functionality
  • Basic exhibit annotation features including select, draw, and highlight area
  • Screen sharing and private breakout rooms
  • Technical support for the duration of your deposition
  • Legal videographers available
  • Realtime feed of the Stenographer’s transcript available

RemoteDepo™ with Realtime Transcript Feed

Chat – send messages, documents, exhibits, etc.

Previously shared exhibit.

Exhibit has been downloaded.

Exhibit is ready to be downloaded.

Realtime feed of transcript.

Highlights unique to each individual, which remain for the entirety of the proceeding.

Keyword search bar.

Keyword found via the search bar.

Gallery view for multiple participants.

Scroll through highlights.

Return to live feed.

Resize the font to best suite your device.

Toggle between gallery and speaker view.

Hover over any circular dot on the image above to learn more about the feature.

Need help during a remote proceeding?

For technical assistance during a RemoteDepo™ or RemoteDepo Pro™ event, please email [email protected] or call 888.401.9541.