Legal Interpreting


When there are multiple native languages and dialects spoken, U.S. Legal Support can help. Our experienced, versatile team of interpreters can work with more than 200 languages anywhere in the United States and abroad.

U.S. Legal Support has a team of more than 5,000 interpreters fluent in a vast range of languages, including many dialects. A few of our more popular languages include Spanish, Mandarin, Italian, Russian, Japanese, Armenian, Tagalog, Urdu, Vietnamese, Korean, Farsi and Creole. If human beings speak a language anywhere, one of our interpreters almost certainly speaks it, too, and can provide an accurate interpretation with knowledge of terminology, slang and even regional dialects.

Interpreters are like pilots, or surgeons, or for that matter, attorneys – experience is everything. Every professional interpreter on our team has a minimum of five years’ experience in the legal sector with state or Federal certification, depending on the venue. They are typically native speakers and familiar with the subtleties and cultural elements of, say, Italy or Japan. Many of the interpreters we work with were professionals in their country of origin. We can also provide interpreters who are from the geographical region of a witness, if required. The Spanish spoken in East Los Angeles will be different than that of a Puerto Rican from New York. We can usually provide an interpreter with expertise in the slang, terminology and nuances of the witness’s specific dialect.

Finally, the U.S. Legal Support Interpreting team can provide the flexibility, expertise and versatility your case may require. For example, many of the interpreters we work with have expertise as related to financial, intellectual property, medical and pharmaceutical content.  If your matter involves a professional language” as well a foreign one, our vast team of resources has an interpreter who can handle both. With sufficient advance notice, we can also ensure that the same interpreter is present throughout your entire case, ensuring continuity.

We know that bridging any language gap goes beyond a linguist’s fluency of language. We provide both powerful machine translation services and professional human translation specialists who have extensive subject-specific experience and can produce accurate and well-received translations for all your business needs. We help ensure that you receive industry and subject-specific, as well as professional translation services at competitive prices which will meet your high-quality expectations for non-certified and certified documents.

auxiliary cable plugging into various countries showing some of the languages that can be interpreted and translated

Extensive Language Experience

U.S. Legal Support’s language professionals can handle all of your legal interpretation service and legal translation service needs, from Afghani to Zulu and more. Utilizing our vast network allows you to find a professional translator, who is typically a native speaker of your target language, that can provide the expertise you need throughout your entire case.

  • Fluent in 200+ languages
  • Well versed in the slang, terminology and nuances of regional dialects
  • Knowledgeable in legal terminology and “specialty language,” including financial, intellectual property, medical and pharmaceutical content to ensure the most accurate translation

We work with 5,000+ interpreters fluent in over 200 languages.