Legal Transcription Services

Transform virtually any kind of written or spoken material into useful evidence.

Our Transcription Services Team does it every day – and we can do it for you.

Legal Transcription Services

With almost twenty years of experience in the legal industry and a nationwide presence, the U.S. Legal Support Transcription Services team has the expertise, the flexibility and most important of all, the absolute commitment to customer service, to help our clients create the complete written record their cases require. Whether the source material is an audio recording, a written legal or other document, or something more unusual – say, video from a law enforcement body camera, a Facebook page or a recorded 911 emergency call – we can provide a professional transcriptionist who can transform it into useful evidence for court, other proceedings or a record of what transpired.

Regardless of the situation, we go the extra mile, take the extra step, to provide an exemplary quality of service during the transcription process. If a complex video or audio recording – say, a meeting with a dozen different people speaking – requires multiple revisions, we’ll take care of it. We make sure you receive the most accurate transcription possible. Not limited to the legal industry, we provide top-of-the-line transcription services in other industries to fulfill all of your transcription needs. As one of the biggest companies in the legal industry, we have the resources, technology and people to provide personalized transcription service, to customize jobs to a client’s specific needs, and to make sure that even the most demanding or unusual scenarios are handled expeditiously and professionally. No matter the unique matters your case involves, leave your transcription needs to our well-experienced and quality legal transcription team.

File Types

All Content and File Types

We can transcribe audio and video files from all file formats, as well as webcast/internet streaming, videocassette, audio cassette, microcassette and cell phone recordings, including synchronizing to a transcript, if requested. We routinely transcribe a wide variety of proceedings such as statements, interviews, depositions, court proceedings, administrative hearings, arbitrations, focus groups, surveillance, interrogations, wiretaps, phone calls, voicemails, meetings, television broadcasts, internet webcasts, seminars and presentations.

Language is Never an Issue

Our team of professional court transcribers and translators can provide translation/transcription of written or audio file content and translate/transcribe that same content into over 200 languages. Whether you need to translate a legal document or transcribe recorded meetings, we can provide a translator with numerous years of experience and familiarity with legal terminology and “specialty languages”, including intellectual property, financial, pharmaceutical and medical content to ensure the most accurate translation.

Language is not an issue

Legal Transcription Frequently Asked Questions

What types of files can you transcribe?  
Our team can transcribe all content and file types, including audio and video files from all formats, internet/webcast streaming videos, videocassettes, audio cassettes, cell phone recordings, etc. We commonly transcribe statements, interviews, depositions, court proceedings, arbitrations, focus groups, interrogations, wiretaps, voicemails, and more.

Can you transcribe a VHS tape or DVD?
Yes, our team is able to transcribe VHS, DVD, and many other file types. 

What if I need translation services for my file? 
Our team of professional translators can provide translation prior to transcription for written, video, and audio file content in over 200 languages. Our translators possess expertise in various “specialty” languages including financial, intellectual property, medical, and more. In addition, they are proficient in understanding the slang, terminology, and nuances of regional dialects.

Can you transcribe files outside of the legal industry? 
Absolutely, we provide transcription services to a wide variety of industries to meet all of your transcription needs.