Executive Team

Brian E. Pauley

Senior Vice President
of Sales Operations

As the Senior Vice President of Sales Operations, Brian Pauley is responsible for driving alignment of sales, marketing, and operations across the entire customer journey, enabling growth through efficiency and effectiveness. In short, he’s all about helping us win more and understanding why we win!

Throughout the course of his sales and leadership career, Brian discovered one of the business world’s more unflattering secrets: many companies unknowingly create their own roadblocks, slowing operations, impeding sales and hindering the client experience. With nearly 30 years’ experience in Operations and Sales, Brian has proven expertise in uncovering those barriers and working with leadership to remove them, driving improved sales performance and customer satisfaction.

Prior to joining U.S. Legal Support, Brian founded the Global Sales Operations Practice for Kelly Services, a global human capital solutions firm. Brian’s team supported over 1,000 salespeople around the world with a focus on providing sales insight and support from client acquisition to renewal and generating over $2 billion in company revenue.

With international experience in operational transformation, client growth and business leadership, Brian understands what it takes to start up new teams and lead them to maximum success. He positions customer problems in need of solutions at the center of all strategies and is relentless when it comes to solving those issues. Brian brings deep expertise in sales strategies, operational efficiencies and cultivating long-term relationships to the U.S. Legal Support team.

Brian graduated from the University of Central Florida with a degree in Organizational Communications. He also received an Executive Leadership certification from the University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business. In addition to his passion for sales, Brian enjoys golf and is a music enthusiast. He lives in Dallas, TX with his wife and has four amazing kids.