going paperless with access to an online digital exhibit repository

Goodbye, paper. Hello, digital.

Facilitating exhibit sharing, storage and management for ongoing, document-intense cases has never been easier.

InstantExhibit+™ provides a secure online repository for parties to upload exhibits electronically both before and during depositions, in addition to maintaining a central digital collection of exhibits for ongoing, complex, document-intense matters. Whether participants are in the same room or participating via a remote deposition, everyone has centralized access to the digital repository to view and examine introduced exhibits. This digital repository alleviates excess paper exhibits, promotes organization and provides realtime access to exhibits for all parties.

  • 24/7 online access to the repository
  • Unlimited parties and users
  • Private folders with restricted access
  • Shared folders to view introduced exhibits
  • Master exhibit binder updated and maintained by a dedicated U.S. Legal Support team for the duration of your case
  • Compatible with all file types and individual file sizes up to 5 GB of data
  • Robust security and compliance
  • Deposition technician upon request to assist with exhibit introduction, annotating and more

Remote Depositions Made Easy

For a complete remote solution, we recommend using InstantExhibit+™ with RemoteDepo™, our secure remote deposition platform. Everyone can participate in a remote deposition and interact as if they were in the same conference room – but from the comfort and safety of their home or office.

How InstantExhibit+™ Works

Each party has access to private exhibit folders where you can upload potential exhibits prior to or during the deposition. Private folders are protected with restricted controls, allowing only designated members of your team access to upload, download and view the contents.

Every deposition will have a shared exhibit folder for all parties to view exhibits introduced during the deposition. To introduce an exhibit during a deposition, simply copy the exhibit from your private folder into the shared folder to make it available to all parties in realtime.

Parties have ongoing access to all introduced exhibits for the duration of the case. View previously introduced exhibits within individual shared exhibit folders or within the master exhibit binder.

The easy way to maintain a digital collection of exhibits.