Court Reporting

Court reporting is the foundation of our business. It’s in our DNA.

We built our reputation, and our company, on consistent, expert reporting. By providing a matchless combination of personal service, innovation and scale, we have earned a reputation as the partner attorneys rely on for dependable, professional court reporting.

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Remote Deposition Services

U.S. Legal Support can help keep your discovery schedule on track with our video conference solution, RemoteDepo™. RemoteDepo™ allows everyone to participate in the deposition remotely and interact as if they were in the same room. Communicate in realtime, observe witness body language, seamlessly facilitate questioning and share exhibits. Your deposition will proceed as normal, including the delivery of the certified transcript.

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Complex Case Management

When it comes to litigation, there is no such thing as a simple case. However, there is a category of particularly complex or large cases that present unique organizational challenges.

U.S. Legal Support’s Complex Case Management team specializes in delivering the unique support, logistical oversight and expertise firms handling these matters require.

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Document Depository

At U.S. Legal Support, we are committed to providing cutting edge depository services offering onsite and online depository solutions. Our online depository solutions give the ability to easily view, search, download and print case-related documents.

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At U.S. Legal Support, we have a full video production department with the combined background of over 50 years of experience. Our dedicated specialists are equipped to handle all of your video needs including; video to text synchronization, mpeg conversion, audio and videotape duplication/conversion and editing.

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U.S. Legal Support offers quality Transcription Services by a dedicated team including Court Reporters and Transcriptionists experienced in the transcription of all audio and video formats  and Translators providing certified translation in multiple languages.

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