Trial Support Services

Litigation consulting services

Leave nothing to chance.

They call it “trial” for a reason. When negotiation’s over, when it’s time to hunker down and head to court, the cardinal rule burned into every trial attorney is this: Leave nothing to chance.

Everything is now at stake and, above all, if you’re trying a case, you need to work with the best possible partners. That’s when it’s time to call on U.S. Legal Support’s Trial Services Division, DecisionQuest. Our team of experienced professionals, including jury consultants, behavioral scientists, litigators and psychologists have over 500 years of collective experience across more than 20,000 trials, mediations and arbitrations. 

We use scientific researchcutting-edge technology and behavioral science to ensure that when it’s time for our clients to make their arguments, they are completely, totally and absolutely one essential thing: prepared. Explore our trial services below. Along with our trial services division, U.S. Legal Support also offers court reporting, record retrieval, interpreting and translations and transcription services. Learn more about our litigation support services here.

Discover your best case scenario and gain a winning edge.

Jury Research & Trial Consulting

Our strategy development research and analysis will help identify the concepts and themes that resonate most, based on empirical data. Services include:

  • Mock trials and focus groups
  • Venue evaluation research
  • Case consultation
  • Witness evaluation and preparation
  • Remote mock trials with JuryLive®
  • Online surveys and polls with CaseXplorer®
  • Social media research and analysis through SocialDiscover™
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Legal Graphics

We don’t just create images – we can build visual case strategies for every phase of litigation, including motion practice, hearings, meetings and trial. From powerful animations and timelines to tutorials that make complex facts clear, our team delivers strategic graphics that can give your case real, memorable impact – and help you gain a winning edge.

  • 2D and 3D animations
  • Illustrations
  • Timelines
  • Interactive tutorials
  • Photography and videography
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Trial Technology

When trying your case depends on technology, depend on DecisionQuest. Our team has spent over 6,000 days in the “hot seat” delivering support in the most exacting environments. Our trial technicians and are seasoned pros and experts in the demands of trial and the nuances of courtroom protocol and procedure.

  • Virtual trial support through on-demand access to documents, transcripts, videos, graphics and more
  • Create, update and manage the trial presentation database
  • Taking direction from the trial team, prepare document highlights, edit deposition video/audio clips and create on-the-fly document annotations
  • Equipment recommendations and setup
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