Trial Services

Strategic trial consulting, graphics, and presentations

Since you’re the best in business, you deserve the best in the business. This is why we’ve built our trial services division through strategic acquisitions of elite trial service and consulting firms TrialEx and DecisionQuest. Together, we have decades of experience working on more than 20,000 high-risk trials, arbitrations, and mediations in a wide variety of venues nationwide and across nearly all practice areas.

Trial services
TrialEx and DecisionQuest

Our Trial Services division is comprised of experienced professionals at TrialEx and DecisionQuest, including Jury Consultants, Ph.D. Behavioral Scientists, Psychologists, Senior Graphic Designers, Medical Illustrators, Forensic Animators, Presentation Specialists, and Trial Technicians who have over 500 years of collective experience. This experience, coupled with our deep domain expertise, allows us to provide a full suite of trial services to help you gain a winning edge. From jury research and consulting to mock trials, witness preparation, trial graphics, demonstratives, and trial presentation and technology services, we serve law firms nationwide. We can help you:

  • Transform complex information into memorable demonstrative exhibits and trial graphics for the courtroom
  • Create clear and concise electronic courtroom presentations to increase jurors’ understanding of the case and enhance memory
  • Conduct mock trials, focus groups, and research studies to help you understand how today’s jurors think and operate
  • Apply scientific research and methodology with the art of persuasion to help you make informed, strategic decisions and realize your best-case scenario

Trial Exhibits & Legal Graphics

Captivate the attention of your jury with trial exhibits that significantly increase a jury’s comprehension of complex information and subject matter. Our experienced design team understands the unique aspects of presentation in the courtroom and how the right visuals can make the difference between a juror’s understanding and confusion of evidence.

  • Animations
  • Graphics
  • Interactive Exhibits
  • Video/Photography
  • Medical Animations
  • Medical Illustrations
  • 3D Models

Jury Research & Consulting

Jury consulting is about more than just picking the right jurors; it is about crafting a story that resonates, honing precise, easily understood arguments, and creating confidence in your case. Understanding how jurors reach conclusions enables you to make better strategic and tactical decisions — through every step of the litigation lifecycle 

  • Juror profiling and social media research
  • Voir dire consulting
  • Jury selection assistance
  • Venue evaluation and change of venue research
  • Early risk/initial case assessment
  • Shadow juries

Mock Trials & Focus Groups

With in-person and remote mock trial and focus group services, trial teams can conduct comprehensive, first-person tests on any given case. From ascertaining key themes and refining case storytelling, to honing opening and closing arguments, preparing witness testimony and more, no one provides a more customized or comprehensive mock trial experience than DecisionQuest.

  • Case strategy, theme development, and refinement  
  • Complete remote capabilities   
  • Bench studies or arbitration panel studies  
  • Realtime juror response technology

Witness Preparation

With high-exposure cases, millions in damages can hang in the balance between what the witness is saying and how they are perceived by the jury. We’ll seamlessly blend into your trial team to enhance the delivery of your themes and prepare witnesses on the nuances of effective testimony, such as the importance of posture, nonverbal cues, and other details that can transform adequate testimony into something much more compelling.  

  • Evaluate performance and provide strategic guidance for their role at trial or mediation 
  • Strategies for appropriate demeanor 
  • Techniques for responding confidently and carefully under direct and cross-examination 

Trial Presentations & Technology

In trial, where jurors’ opinions and impressions determine the outcome of a case, presentation support and courtroom experience are the keys to success. Our Trial Technicians and Presentation Specialists have decades of experience supporting cases big and small in a variety of venues nationwide. With them on your trial team, you’ll have a seamless presentation of exhibits and evidence during trial.

  • Hot seat operation 
  • Trial presentation database creation and management 
  • Operation of software and audio/visual equipment to display evidence, documents, graphics, or videos
  • Fully equipped for remote hosting and remote presentation services