About Us

U.S. Legal Support was founded in 1996 based on a single, somewhat audacious goal: become the first nationwide, all-inclusive litigation support company.

Over two decades later, we have over 1,000 employees, a network of nearly 5,000 independent court reporting professionals and more than 85 locations around the country. We cover more than 350,000 depositions each year and retrieve more than 400,000 records. That works out to a deposition and a record retrieved roughly every ninety seconds, around the clock. To date, we’ve acquired over 25 companies — 15 in a 3 year period alone. In light of those accomplishments, here’s what we’d say about our original goal:

We’re off to a solid start.

The vision of our current CEO, Charles F. Schugart, is easy to follow: Create a transparent culture of excellence where the corporate division supports the field operations. Transparent: no typical corporate bureaucracy. Excellence: outstanding work, everywhere, all the time. And a company that, above all, prioritizes the day-to-day work for which clients hire us. No matter where a client is, we will work to deliver the litigation support services needed. Period.