Your all-inclusive nationwide litigation support services partner.

U.S. Legal Support was founded in 1996 based on a single, somewhat audacious goal: become the first nationwide,
all-inclusive litigation support company.

Over two decades later, we have over 1,000 employees, a network of nearly 5,000 independent court reporting professionals and can provide on-demand access to more than 12,000 offices in over 2,700 cities across the country. We cover more than 350,000 depositions each year and retrieve more than 400,000 records.

To date, we’ve acquired over 25 companies — 15 in a 3-year period alone. In light of those accomplishments, below is what we’d say about our original goal.

Solid Start

We’re off to a solid start.

The vision of our company is easy to follow: Create a transparent culture of excellence where the corporate division supports the field operations. Transparent: no typical corporate bureaucracy. Excellence: outstanding work, everywhere, all the time. And a company that, above all, prioritizes the day-to-day work for which clients hire us. No matter where a client is, we will work to deliver the litigation support services needed. Period.

Litigation support is an intensely demanding, competitive field. Results at trial can turn on the tiniest detail, and success demands incredible levels of focus, commitment and work by attorneys under immense pressure. At U.S. Legal Support, we support our clients so they can do what they do best. Progress toward this goal is, in turn, driven by our values.

Here’s what we believe in:


It’s impossible to overstate the importance of service. We obsess about it. Litigation is an incredibly demanding, high-stakes undertaking. The last thing an attorney trying a case should need to worry about is support issues. They need to focus on their case. Our role is to help them do that. From the CEO to our newest employee, when it comes to providing support to our clients, we all are committed to eliminating words such as “no,” “can’t” or “impossible.” Our job is to make it happen. And we do. Every time.


Much of what our clients experience is powered by how we run our company internally. We serve our clients because we serve one another. Values come from the top down: ours are transparency, service and integrity. For a company of our size, we have a remarkably flat structure. We’re extremely nimble and decisions are made quickly.


We have more than 12,000+ on-demand locations for a reason. Our clients do not deal with some centralized service desk staffed by anonymous voices on the phone. They deal with people they know, in locations near them. If you’re in Austin, we’re on Brazos Street. San Francisco? Mission Street. Madison? Mifflin Street. We believe personal relationships, continuity and local presence matter a lot. Our clients work with people they know, who in turn have at their fingertips all the firepower of a very large, well-resourced company.


We are constantly searching for better, smarter, faster ways to do things. Technology is a major driver of innovation – we have an IT development team of over 30 people. That’s bigger than many companies – no other litigation support company even comes close. We strive to develop capabilities that will enhance our ability to serve our clients, ideally before they even realize a need exists. We’ve built a long list of technical capabilities, such as a proprietary, cloud-based management portal for our clients. As another example, our SOC 2 Type II security systems, our business practices, offices and workflows are second to none. Innovation is a force multiplier for us, and a priority.

You’re in good company.

Hear what some of our happy clients have to say about working with U.S. Legal Support.

Always On. Always There.

The only thing that matters to a U.S. Legal Support client is the current case. We share that commitment and focus.

Whether it’s a massive class action, a highly technical construction dispute, or an international criminal matter, our team delivers the services clients need, professionally, expertly and consistently.

Meet Our Executive Team

The U.S. Legal Support executive team has deep roots within the legal industry, from court reporting to record retrieval and beyond.