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We have deep roots in court reporting.

Many members of our leadership team have spent decades of their careers as practicing Certified Shorthand Reporters. The most important thing in our business is the court reporters we work with. Here in Reporter Corner you will find links to resources, services and other helpful information.

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Celebrating Stenography and Creating a Bright Future Together: U.S. Legal Support & Project Steno

At U.S. Legal Support, we recognize and believe that stenography remains the gold standard for transcribing speech into text. In support of our continued commitment to the stenographic court reporting and captioning profession, we are excited to partner with Project Steno! Project Steno promotes the stenographic court reporting professional through community outreach, with the goal of building a robust pipeline of students into school and graduating them in two years.

Like ProjectSteno, U.S. Legal Support remains committed to the recruitment and education of the next generation of professional stenographers nationwide. Here are some of the ways we’re helping:

  • By partnering with high schools across the country to host informational seminars promoting the benefits of a career in court reporting
  • Together, we are shipping stenography machines to students
  • We are sourcing professional court reporters to become volunteer instructors for Project Steno’s Basic Steno Training program  
  • By donating to Project Steno’s Merit Award Program, helping to reduce the burden of tuition for eligible students

How to get involved

  • Volunteer as a Basic Training Instructor: Project Steno is always looking for more instructors for their free six-week basic training program. You’ll have a critical role in helping students become familiar with the steno keyboard and getting them excited about a career in court reporting!

  • Become a Mentor: U.S. Legal Support offers Mentorship and Internship Programs for court reporting students. Seasoned court reporters hold monthly meetings, helping students to hone their skills, build their industry knowledge and develop strategies to navigate their professional growth and development. We pair students with an experienced court reporter to offer real-world lessons and experience, as well as guide them through practicing a variety of skills.
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  • Volunteer with Local High Schools: We’d love to have you speak with students at career fairs, informational seminars and other local events about our experience as a stenographer and love for the profession. There are opportunities in cities across the country and everyone is welcome!
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Reporter Relations Points of Contact

Our Reporter Relations team is here to help! They’re passionate about court reporting and reporters. Whether you need assistance with layout files or want to run a procedural question by someone with deep industry experience. our team is dedicated to making sure your experience working with U.S. Legal Support is successful and enjoyable. Contact [email protected] or reach out personally to one of our Reporter Relations Team members listed below.

Rick Levy

Senior Vice President of Reporter Relations
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Linda Hagen

National Director of Reporter Relations
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Kelly Gonzalez

Reporter Relations Specialist
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