Enterprise Accounts: Insurance, Corporate Litigation & Claim Support Services 

U.S. Legal Support was founded in 1996 with the goal of becoming the first nationwide, all-inclusive litigation support company. Nearly three decades later, we’re one of the leading providers of enterprise and corporate legal services, and we are passionate about helping insurance companies, major corporations, and law firms reduce legal expenditures, create efficiencies, integrate billing processes, and help mitigate cybersecurity risk through our end-to-end litigation support services.  

Corporate legal team

Expert and Experienced Litigation Support Across Industries: Court Reporting, Record Retrieval, Transcription & Translation, and More 

U.S. Legal Support is one of the leading providers of corporate litigation support services. We’re proud to offer services and support to all industries, including: 

Customized Litigation Support Service Packages for Corporations & Insurance Carriers

With on-demand access to 12,000+ offices in 2,700 cities across the country and a robust digital infrastructure, we can accommodate your litigation support needs quickly, comfortably, and safely from anywhere in the country.

Here is what we can provide:   

  • Court Reporting  for remote, in-person, or hybrid proceedings. 
  • Record Retrieval with a robust digital infrastructure and expediting teams in each time zone. 
  • Interpreting & Translations with support for 200+ languages plus capabilities for certified and non-certified document translations.  
  • Litigation Consulting for your next major case: early case assessments, mock trials, focus groups, trial strategy and consulting, and legal graphic and demonstrative creation. 
  • Transcription Services performed by human transcriptionists within the United States of America

As a preferred provider, we can create a custom solution for your enterprise litigation support needs, which includes:     

  • Nationwide cost-savings realization   
  • A SOC 2 Type 2 and HIPAA compliant Client Portal, which provides 24/7 centralized access to important case information and tools to keep your litigation moving forward 
  • Priority access to our full suite of services, nationwide    
  • Access to our network of 5,000+ professional court reporters   
  • Record retrieval capabilities leveraging our network of 1,100,000+ established provider relationships
  • Single Sign-On (SSO) avaliable  

High-Exposure Litigation Consulting & Trial Services

From discovery through trial, DecisionQuest, a U.S. Legal Support Company, provides a variety of litigation support and trial consulting services. Our experienced litigation consultants use scientific research, cutting-edge technology, and behavioral science to help ensure our clients are prepared for every phase of litigation. The result? A seamless, customizable, end-to-end experience. Perfect for your next major case or trial.  

Enterprise Level Risk Management & Mitigation  

You are already taking extreme precautions to prevent cybersecurity events within your enterprise, but it is equally important to ensure your service providers, including panel counsel, are hyper-focused on data security, too. With our decades of experience as one of the leading providers of litigation support services, we understand this better than most. Keeping data safe is at the forefront of everything we do at U.S. Legal Support.   

U.S. Legal Support embeds robust security into every step of our business. When working with us, you can rest assured that every facet of the services we provide are designed, tested, audited, and independently verified to offer the highest levels of cybersecurity and data protection. Our industry-leading security measures include: 

  • Security throughout all data centers and facilities SOC 2 Type 2   
  • Independently audited and verified to be fully HIPAA compliant for the protection, privacy, security, and integrity of all protected health information  
  • 24/7 Security Operations Center monitoring system security  
  • NIST Cybersecurity Framework in place regarding our policies, procedures, and controls  
  • End-to-end encryption for all transmitted files.  
  • Attestation from reputable independent auditors of all systems, processes, and controls  
  • Intrusion detection and prevention systems  
  • Third-party penetration testing  
  • An Incident Response Plan vetted by independent cybersecurity incident response experts  
  • Frequent backups and replication across multiple, geographically dispersed data centers  
  • Disaster recovery plan with annual disaster recovery tests  
  • Vulnerability management program  

Why Work with U.S. Legal Support 

With zero cost of entry to establish a preferred provider relationship, your organization can be up and running without any upfront cost or startup fees.  

  • Simplified fee structure   
  • Nationwide cost-savings realization  
  • Centralized billing including a streamlined invoice delivery and approval process  
  • All processes, invoices, and data are fully customizable to meet client preferences  
  • A dedicated team with organization-specific points of contact  

We look forward to helping your enterprise mitigate security risks, reduce legal expenditures, and create efficiencies with bundled litigation support services.