Depositions. Virtually. Anywhere.

Keep your discovery schedule on track with our secure video conference solution for remote depositions, arbitrations, hearings and other proceedings – RemoteDepo™.

With an internet connection and webcam-equipped device, you can communicate in realtime, observe witness body language, and seamlessly facilitate questioning.

Remote deposition services

With RemoteDepo™ by U.S. Legal Support, everyone can participate in a remote deposition and interact as if they were in the same conference room.

  • Secure and dedicated web-based conference room
  • Remote or local reporter for the entirety of your proceeding
  • Unlimited participants
  • Realtime exhibit sharing with drag-and-drop functionality
  • Screen sharing, on-screen annotations and private breakout rooms
  • Legal videographers to capture and record proceedings
  • Technical support for the duration of your deposition
  • State-of-the-art security including encrypted communications
  • Additional services include realtime text stream of the court reporter’s transcript

With on-demand access to 12,000+ offices in more than 2,700 cities across the country, our regional and remote teams are equipped with the technology and experience to assist you whenever, wherever.

Get helpful tips, best practices and resources for remote depositions.

A Closer Look at RemoteDepo™

RemoteDepo™ with Realtime

Participate in a remote deposition with functionality that mirrors an in-person proceeding, including a realtime feed of the court reporter’s transcript.

Chat – send messages, documents, exhibits, etc.

Previously shared exhibit.

Exhibit has been downloaded.

Exhibit is ready to be downloaded.

Realtime feed of transcript.

Highlights unique to each individual, which remain for the entirety of the proceeding.

Keyword search bar.

Keyword found via the search bar.

Gallery view for multiple participants.

Scroll through highlights.

Return to live feed.

Resize the font to best suite your device.

Toggle between gallery and speaker view.

Screen Sharing with RemoteDepo™

Share your screen in realtime with all remote deposition participants and leverage on-screen annotation tools including highlights, outlines and arrows.

In side-by-side mode, each user can drag left and/or right to increase the size of either the exhibit on the screen or participant’s videos.

Exhibit being shared with all participants.

Annotations toolbar including options to highlight, outline, draw, use arrows, etc.

Side bar view of all participants.

Toggle on the annotations toolbar.

Continuous digital exhibit storage, sharing and management.

InstantExhibit+™ provides a secure online repository of digital exhibits for ongoing, complex, document-intense matters.

“Thank you for making the transition from in-person to remote depositions easy and effective.

Having now completed multiple remote depositions, I have been very happy with the experience. The transition to remote depositions in a very large and document intensive multi-party litigation was a concern, but we have had no issues in our case. Thanks to the U.S. Legal Support team providing training and support, the transition from in-person depositions has been much easier and more effective than I expected.”

Domingo T.
Partner – Wood, Smith, Henning & Berman, LLP

“Since transitioning to remote depositions during the COVID pandemic, U.S. Legal Support has been indispensable.

They have consistently and competently handled countless depositions for us in a remote environment, including assisting with video recording and exhibit management and sharing, even in cases with upwards of twenty parties.  The team at U.S. Legal Support has been extremely responsive and always friendly, even on short notice.  I trust and rely on their professionals.” 

Franklin M.
Attorney, Regional Firm

Keep your discovery schedule on track.