Executive Team

Carrie A. Cosenza

Senior Vice President
of Enterprise Sales

Carrie A. Cosenza is the Senior Vice President of Enterprise Sales for U.S. Legal Support. She is responsible for every aspect of operations in her division, beginning with client service and including operations, sales, acquisitions and relationships with clients and reporters.

In this role, she leads a new team completely focused on U.S. Legal Support services tailored to the needs of large organizations. Carrie’s focus is the development of her growing division. She’s exceptionally good at finding a way to partner with a wide variety of people, in a wide range of scenarios. She reports directly to Myke Hawkins, Chief Commercial Officer.

She’s a consensus-builder, a team player and an exceptional leader. If you ask Carrie what makes U.S. Legal Support great, it’s simple – its people. She asks a lot of questions on what it will take to “get better,” and looks for creative, effective solutions at all levels. Whether it’s from a scheduler or an executive, if they have a good idea that can help U.S. Legal Support achieve its goals, Carrie wants to hear it.

Prior to her current role, Carrie worked for U.S. Legal Support for seven years in sales and operations. She joined our team while waiting for her bar exam results, began as a temporary attorney recruiter, then moved into business development and operations. She then was a Director of Business Development for DTI in the Legal Solutions group where her primary focus was sales and solutions. She rejoined U.S. Legal Support in 2016 as a Division President, taking on additional responsibilities and coverage for both the Northeast and Midwest divisions. She has particular expertise in providing support for complex litigation.

Carrie is a graduate of Fordham University and New York Law School.