Our people are everything.

U.S. Legal Support is a pure, people-to-people service business. The entire secret to our phenomenal growth is our people – both our employees, and the reporters we work with. We work to take great care of both.

Comparably award wins

This isn’t just because we’re nice people, although you’ll find we are. It’s because our entire business is based on providing first-class service to our clients. To deliver it, we need motivated, enthusiastic, cheerful people who enjoy what they’re doing. We have worked very hard to build a company of people who like their work, and know they’re contributing, are listened to, and have a bright future. You can’t take care of clients if your company doesn’t take care of you. At U.S. Legal Support, every single employee, from data entry to our CEO, is part of a team. Everybody is given an opportunity to play an important role.

We’re Successful.

Along with being a great place to work, U.S. Legal Support is also a really successful business. We are fast-growing and fast-moving, and one of the leading firms in the litigation support industry. When we succeed, our employees succeed. There are few things more professionally (or financially) rewarding than being part of a winning, professional team. And there’s lots of room to grow – there are a lot of markets we think we can lead, and we’re going after them.

We’re Entrepreneurial.

For a pretty big business, we still operate very much like a small company. If there’s a secret to our success, we just gave it away. U.S. Legal Support is not a company that’s about meetings, hierarchy, bureaucracy, silos or turf. We’re a company that’s about moving fast, making decisions quickly, and above all, looking at results. We’re nimble, smart and take pride in our individual contributions to the overall success of the company.

Entrepreneurial and industrious individuals thrive here. We prefer to hire from within and provide opportunities to promote and develop professionally.  We believe in giving people responsibility quickly – basically as soon as they can handle it. We provide a lot of flexibility, encourage and support creativity and innovation. If you have a good idea, we want to hear it. If you work hard and share our passion and drive, you can go anywhere.

We’re Solid.

Most remarkably for a company growing as quickly as we are, U.S. Legal Support is an exceptionally solid business. We’re not a Silicon Valley startup, buried in risk. We’re a very profitable company in a very stable business. Litigation isn’t going anywhere. We have a broad and diverse client base.  We proudly boast the most stable management team in the business; most of our leadership team began as court reporters. They have litigation support in their DNA, and understand exactly how it works, day-to-day.