Litigation Support Services for Law Firms of All Sizes

As one of the leading providers of litigation support services, U.S. Legal Support is the only litigation support company that provides a full suite of court reporting solutions, record retrieval, interpreting & translations, trial services and transcription services to law firms, major corporations and insurance companies nationwide. We have on-demand access to 12,000+ offices in over 2,700 cities across the country with regional and remote teams ready to support you.

From complex litigation to construction disputes, medical malpractice, criminal matters or any other type of case, our team of litigation support specialists is here to help with the flexibility and extensive experience you need.

Court Reporting

Court reporting is the foundation of our litigation support service. It’s in our DNA. We have working business relationships with 5,000+ independent court reporting professionals across the country. No matter where you may need them, we can provide an experienced, professional court reporter for any situation – depositions, arbitrations, trials, interviews — anywhere in the United States.

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Record Retrieval

U.S. Legal Support retrieves more records than anyone. Our team operates at a pace of roughly 400,000 requests per year. That works out to about one request every twenty seconds, every single business day, fulfilled by an elite team working out of strategically placed hubs throughout the country. Our size and multiple locations mean we can adjust our operations to meet client demand. None of our competitors can match us in this respect.

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Legal Interpreting

When there are multiple native languages and dialects, U.S. Legal Support can help. Our experienced, versatile team of 5,000+ interpreters can work with more than 200 languages, anywhere in the United States and abroad.

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Document Translation Services

Whether you need one document translated or thousands, you can count on U.S. Legal Support to deliver accurate and well-received translations. We offer both powerful machine translation services and professional human translation specialists to law firms, corporations, insurance carriers, government entities, educational institutions and more with service options to meet the needs of your business. From legal documents to medical records, employee handbooks, contracts and more, our team of professional document translators can translate whatever you need when you need it.

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Trial Services

Our Trial Services division is comprised of experienced professionals at TrialEx and DecisionQuest who have over 500 years of collective experience providing jury research and consulting, witness preparation, trial graphics and demonstratives, and trial presentation and technology services. Let us help you gain a winning edge.


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Transcription Services

The U.S. Legal Support Transcription Services team has the expertise, the flexibility, and most important of all, the absolute commitment to customer service, to help our clients create the complete written record their cases require. Whether the source material is an audio recording, a written document, or something more unusual – say, a rap song, video from a body camera, a Facebook page or a recorded 911 emergency call – our transcriptionists can transform it into useful evidence.

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Robust security at every turn.

Your highly sensitive case and client data are protected by full-spectrum, robust security that meets best practices. U.S. Legal Support follows the NIST Cybersecurity Framework regarding policies, procedures, and controls. We work hard so you can rest easy.