Record Retrieval


U.S. Legal Support retrieves more records than any other organization.

Our record retrieval team retrieves 27,000,000+ pages of records each year. That works out to about one record request every twenty seconds every single business day, fulfilled by an elite team working out of strategic hubs located throughout the country.

We operate at a pace of roughly 400,000 requests per year. How do we do it? Our network of 1,100,000+ established provider relationships and multiple locations mean we can adjust our operations to meet client demand. No other record retrieval service provider can match us in this respect.

Our Record Retrieval team’s capabilities are augmented by a special force multiplier: technology. Beginning with our client portal for access to digitized records, our industry-leading professional expertise is extended by a technical infrastructure and record retrieval process that’s second to none. This includes capabilities like a customized follow-up system for pursuing records, and a record retrieval expediting system that’s integrated with our court reporting portal and is fully HIPAA compliant and meets SOC 2 Type II security certification. Our technology and security make the best even better.

Full-Spectrum Security & Compliance

Your highly sensitive case and client data is protected by full-spectrum, robust security that meets the highest standards and best practices.

View and Download X-rays in Our Client Portal

To expedite delivery, you can now view and download requested X-ray records within our SOC 2 Type II certified and HIPAA compliant Client Portal.

Medical Record Retrieval Services

Fast, streamlined retrieval of medical records for your case.

Our medical record retrieval service makes it fast and easy to get the healthcare and medical records you need for your clients and case. From patient medial record summaries and treatment chronologies to healthcare provider reports, we have an experienced team to efficiently handle your medical record request needs as fast as possible. Whether you’re an insurance carrier or a law firm, leave the hassle of the medical record retrieval process to our experts.  

Successfully retrieving records requires a unique combination of professional expertise and hands-on relentlessness. Our competitors can’t match us here, either.

Follow-up and efficiency are everything – it often requires 5 or 6 calls simply to effectuate the transfer of records, and getting the document or file in-house is just the beginning. Following initial quality control, we then organize them – admissions records are together, bills are together, medical documents and surgery records are together. The records are then scanned, uploaded to our secure client portal, and the client is notified that their documents are ready.

Standard Forms

As a convenience to our clients, we endeavor to include the most frequently used forms for facilities. Because forms change from time to time, and often change with little notice, please always refer to the regulations and guidelines for your jurisdiction to ensure the most up-to-date forms are utilized.

Nationwide record retrieval done right.