You’re in Good Company

Here is what some of our happy clients have to say about working with U.S. Legal Support.

“Thank you for making the transition from in-person to remote depositions easy and effective. Having now completed multiple remote depositions,  I have been very happy with the experience. The transition to remote depositions in a very large and document- intensive multi-party litigation was a concern, but we have had no issues in our case. Thanks to the U.S. Legal Support team providing training and support, the transition from in-person depositions has been much easier and more effective than I expected.”

Domingo T.
Partner – Wood, Smith, Henning & Berman, LLP

I had to wait two days to make sure I’m not dreaming. I’m happy to report that the trial I was in last week resulted in a TOTAL DEFENSE VERDICT for us. That means zero dollars in liability on a case where they were looking for up to three million dollars.

How did we do it? Well, in part because of the phenomenal work done by U.S. Legal Support. And by that, I mean the work that was requested at 8pm and which was delivered twelve hours later. That’s what you get by working with the best in litigation support. I’m so thankful for meeting you guys and for turning around a very demanding piece of the case in no time. Special thanks to Bryan, who worked without judgment all night to deliver the synced transcript. The testimony we were able to play was critical to the case.”

Mukul K.
Managing Associate – Dentons

Remote depositions are a breeze with U.S. Legal Support. U.S. Legal Support has been a tremendous asset during the COVID-19 pandemic and has allowed me to keep cases moving. A simple email with everyone’s contact information is all it takes to set up a remote deposition. You can share files and exhibits through the meeting app and screen sharing makes watching videos and other joint observations a breeze. Without programs like this available from U.S. Legal Support, our industry would be at a near stand-still.”

Carol Smith
Law Offices of Ronald M. Sangster, PLLC

U.S. Legal Support as a company has always delivered stellar work. I have been working with U.S. Legal Support for the past seven years for all of my depositions, and U.S. Legal Support as a company has always delivered stellar work.

Our practice group handles highly technical matters and, as such, we have demanding deposition needs. The teams that U.S. Legal Support provides to cover our depositions are always top notch. From the scheduling team to the production team, we are always pleased with the results.

They are always available to answer any questions, and extremely responsive when we need to make last minute changes to our schedule on matters both domestic and international.

I know they work with many top firms, and they treat our team like we are always the top priority.
Thank you to everyone at U.S. Legal Support for their help and support through the years. You are truly amazing, and I look forward to continuing to work together for a very long time to come.”

Josh R.
Partner & Practice Group Chair – Greenberg Traurig, LLP

Reliable, fair and transparent in their pricing. I have used U.S. Legal Support for years. They have always been reliable, fair and transparent in their pricing, and have helped me obtain high quality results at affordable prices – the very definition of value.”

Jason F.
Partner – Regional Plaintiff’s Firm

I’m happy to report that working with the team at U.S. Legal Support has been phenomenal. They are complete professionals in the truest sense of the word. Their responsive and dedicated work habits are at the essence of why they are our go-to team.

On a recent occasion, a videoconference deposition was scheduled to commence at 6 am, which ran well and the reporter was truly amazing. However, as the day proceeded plaintiff’s counsel wanted to conduct a second deposition session with his client starting at 6 pm the same day. On short notice the reporter returned to complete the second deposition session till 11 pm; only to return and complete the third deposition session the following day, commencing at 6 am.

You guys are simply amazing. Thank you. I can’t say enough.”

Jay S.
Senior Paralegal – Norton Rose Fulbright

“Friendly, accessible, and most importantly, reliable. For numerous years and all over the country, I have partnered with U.S. Legal Support for depositions and trial support. They are friendly, accessible, and most importantly, reliable. They have made a meaningful difference for my litigation practice and ultimately the results for my clients.”

Parker G.
Partner – Sommers Schwartz, PC

I rely on U.S. Legal Support’s quality work to assist us in preparing our case throughout the entire litigation process. I have worked with U.S. Legal Support for almost 10 years. Our team has been pleased with the various services (court reporting, interpreting, videographers and record retrieval) U.S. Legal has provided over the years.

U.S. Legal Support prides themselves on building client relationships, and will go the extra mile if you need them to. Their team is patient, knowledgeable and fun! If they don’t have the answer, they will do whatever it takes to get it quickly.

I rely on U.S. Legal Support’s quality work to assist us in preparing our case throughout the entire litigation process.”

Shari Z.
Paralegal – Regional Firm

U.S. Legal Support and their highly-trained staff are my preferred vendor for records orders. Their well-defined processes and extensive understanding of the necessary requirements for both State and Federal cases provides timely records in a variety of formats.

Their staff goes the extra mile and keeps me informed every step of the way from the ease in ordering through production. Thanks to U.S. Legal I am able to be more efficient and accomplish so much more in less time with their professional assistance.”

Jamie M.
Senior Litigation Paralegal – Regional Defense Firm

“The transition from in-person to virtual depositions was a bit of a challenge for us. But, thanks to U.S. Legal Support, we have now successfully completed multiple remote depositions. The team provided training and support and made the entire process much easier than we ever expected.”  

Legal Assistant

“Since transitioning to remote depositions during the COVID pandemic, U.S. Legal Support has been indispensable. They have consistently and competently handled countless depositions for us in a remote environment, including assisting with video recording and exhibit management and sharing, even in cases with upwards of twenty parties. The team at U.S. Legal Support has been extremely responsive and always friendly, even on short notice.  I trust and rely on their professionals.

Franklin M.
Attorney, Regional Firm

U.S. Legal Support is always on the cutting edge. Thanks to U.S. Legal Support for always being on the cutting edge of technology and court reporting initiatives to ensure a continuum of extraordinary services to the legal industry and to set the gold standard in the court reporting industry.”

Sharon C.
Legal Administrative Assistant – Polsinelli

Great remote video deposition service with realtime document sharing. I was dubious about video depositions, but I took two key defense witnesses this week through U.S. Legal Support’s system and it worked great. I was able to drag-and-drop PDF documents right through the system in realtime – it was just like handing the documents to the witness across a table in my conference room. All the participants, including the reporter and videographer, were in their homes. Nevertheless, I was able to get the testimony I wanted.”

Jeremy Pasternak, Esq.
Law Offices of Jeremy Pasternak

For over 15 years, U.S. Legal Support has been a trusted provider of services to my litigation group. The level of customer service and support that we have received from U.S. Legal Support has been excellent. The team has been consistently responsive and reliable, even in the face of expedited deadlines and urgent requests for court reporting coverage or real time reporting coverage. U.S. Legal Support greatly values its customer relationships and that shines through in their collaborative approach and commitment to providing outstanding customer service.”

Kelli E.
Partner – Quarles & Brady, LLP

I know I can rely on U.S. Legal Support to come through for my firm when scheduling depos and getting conference rooms outside of the office. I know I can also rely on U.S. Legal Support and their team with last-minute schedulings. Thank you for all that you do. I appreciate you always being on top of everything and always getting the job done.”

Jose G.
Legal Secretary – Perkins Coie LLP

“U.S. Legal Support is in a league of its own. I have worked with many court reporting companies in my 17 years of practice in large law firms. U.S. Legal Support is in a league of its own. The reporters are top-notch, the turnaround time is immediate, and the work product is extremely good.

U.S. Legal Support is committed to working with any particular case constraints you are facing and their team is more than capable of handling any special requirements. Above all, U.S. Legal Support is responsive and reliable, including under tight deadlines. Their team is professional, kind and a pleasure to work with. Without reservation, I highly recommend U.S. Legal Support.”

Kerren Z.
Counsel – Reed Smith LLP

“I can always count on U.S. Legal Support to provide reliable, efficient and speedy court reporting services. Their court reporters are always knowledgeable, flexible and easy to work with. In sum, they are the best!”

Robert S.
Senior Partner – Sommers Schwartz, PC

They certainly came through for me. Thanks for being legal rock stars! It’s tough finding individuals with a go-to, solution-oriented approach, but today’s shout out goes to an overachiever, an over deliverer and an all-around good guy that every paralegal should have on their speed dial (or email).

Thank you to Mike and U.S. Legal Support for finding me a court reporter after getting my call at 5:05 last night. This wasn’t an ordinary situation. My boss let me know at almost 5:00 last night that he needed a reporter for a hearing at 8:30 a.m. today in El Centro… My first call should have been to U.S. Legal Support – I tried several other big firms with no success. Called U.S. Legal and they said “I can’t do my usual over promise, over deliver”, but they certainly came through for me. Thanks for being legal rock stars!”

June H.
Paralegal – Crosbie Gliner Schiffman Southard & Swanson, LLP

I know when I contact them they will get the job done professionally and on time. I have been working with U.S. Legal Support for over 25 years. They are my go-to for litigation support. I know when I contact them, they will get the job done professionally and on time. The staff is always professional, courteous and will go above and beyond to help you with your needs or solve any problem you may be having. They are always there when I need them.”

Barbara W.
Legal Secretary – Dean & Fulkerson

Their staff is very professional and have delivered on any need that we have had. Our firm handles cases in New Mexico, Illinois, Wisconsin and Iowa. On top of that we have experts located all over the United States. It can be tough to try and find locations for depositions, obtain records and find court reporters in areas that we aren’t familiar with. U.S. Legal Support makes it easy to handle any situation that arises.

Their staff is very professional and have delivered on any need that we have had. Their website is easy to navigate, and they make sure you are aware that they offer so much more than just court reporting services. Knowing you have a team behind you that you can always count on makes things a little less stressful in this legal world.”

Kimberly S.
Paralegal – Pitman, Kalkhoff, Sicula & Dentice

“My experience with U.S. Legal Support spans several years and across multiple, busy personal injury litigation practices. Before COVID, our practice group benefited from seamless implementation of the full array of litigation support services facilitated by U.S. Legal Support’s robust portal, email, and service representative points of contact. 

The COVID shutdown in mid-March 2020 occurred days after we had just completed several in-person depositions in a contested civil case at U.S. Legal Support’s convenient, center-city Philadelphia PA location. Like many practitioners who had depositions on the books in the days, weeks and months ahead, our initial thought was that these likely needed to be rescheduled. However, U.S. Legal Support had quickly pivoted to a remote format, and with excellent training to boot. We hardly missed a beat.   

I can join other legal professionals and wholeheartedly, without reservation, endorse U.S. Legal Support in these days of COVID, and beyond. While not the biggest or busiest law practice in town, nonetheless, Top Gun litigation practices need to partner with Top Gun support and, in our airspace, U.S. Legal Support constitutes our “Wingman.”   

Stephen D.
Director – Personal Injury Dept., Lee A. Ciccarelli P.C.

“I never hesitate to utilize U.S. Legal Support for my litigation support service needs. They are always professional, friendly, reliable, responsive, fast and efficient, and never flinch handling my last-minute requests. With their assistance, the transition to remote depositions was seamless, and their incorporation of real-time document sharing priceless. Their technology is up-to-date, turn-around time is quick, and my transcripts have always been accurate. I highly recommend their services.” 

Craig C.
Partner – BC Law

“I could not be more pleased with the customer service and work product received from U.S. Legal Support. Coming from a tech-savvy challenged attorney, U.S. Legal made the transition to remote proceedings an easy one. Specifically, Colleen McGinley, of U.S. Legal was extremely helpful. She walked me step by step through the remote process and patiently answered each and every one of my questions. It is a comfort to know that U.S. Legal Support is there to provide the litigation support services that we require for all aspects of the case. Thanks again to Colleen and U.S. Legal Support!”

Nicholas L. Ortiz
Attorney, Wilbraham Lawler & Buba