Executive Team

Kellen S. Smith

Executive Vice President &
Chief Financial Officer

As the Chief Financial Officer, Kellen is responsible for driving the success of U.S. Legal Support’s financial and IT operations along with varying other corporate responsibilities. From a strategic perspective, Kellen is responsible for ensuring the corporate organization enables U.S. Legal Support to continue to grow and increase profitability.

Prior to joining U.S. Legal Support, Kellen enjoyed a successful career in a diverse collection of industries including oil and gas, food solutions and major international publication houses. Working with clients all over the globe, she led successful projects for these prominent billion-dollar companies by tapping into her hallmark style of “exploring it all.”

She brought that skill set with her when she joined U.S. Legal Support in 2014 as Manager of Financial Analysis and Reporting. In that role, she quickly established herself as a strategic partner to the field and senior management. As a result of her propensity to understand all facets of the business and the success of the many programs she implemented at the company, she was promoted to Vice President of Finance in 2016, and CFO the following spring. Additionally, Kellen sits on the Board of Directors.

True to the entrepreneurial spirit found across the U.S. Legal Support executive team, Kellen’s role as CFO is anything but typical. Day in and day out she interacts with nearly every facet of the team that supports the field at our corporate office, including IT and Development, Real Estate and Facilities, Business Intelligence and, of course, Financial Planning & Analysis. She is passionate about innovating and driving the business forward through strategic growth planning. To that tune, Kellen constantly partners with the management team to analyze how the company can capitalize and target technological advances, geographic markets and new service lines and products in order to simultaneously improve efficiency and support the bottom line.

Her enthusiasm about the company also finds her contributing to the development of programs that enhance the company’s ability to attract and retain talented team members – particularly those representing the next generation and future of the company.

Kellen is a graduate of Rice University, with a Bachelor of Arts in Mathematical Economic Analysis.