Legal Videography and Video Deposition Services

In litigation, situations arise when words just aren’t enough.

For a variety of reasons, it may be important to see a witness’s facial expression and gestures, or hear their intonation. In those circumstances, attorneys all over the country call on U.S. Legal Support’s legal videography and video deposition services.

Legal Videography

We can handle all of your audio/visual needs from discovery through trial.

On paper, the same sentence may be interpreted a dozen different ways, not all of them to your advantage. Compared to just reading witness testimony to a judge and jury, a video recording of a deposition adds a dimension to the transcript that brings the words to life. Video testimony has more impact and clarity, and communicates nuances that simply cannot be preserved any other way.

As one example, if a key witness’s credibility needs to be impeached, using a videographer during the deposition will allow you to show video examples of fidgeting, failure to make eye contact or other behavior become plain to see. As another, if a witness is seriously ill, a videotaped deposition may preserve details of affliction that a written transcript doesn’t capture.

Whether for pretrial preparation, in lieu of live testimony, or for the creation of impeachment clips, video is an essential tool for any legal team. While a court reporter is present to transcribe the entire deposition, it is becoming increasingly popular to videotape the deposition to supplement the written transcript. The hallmark of our video work is professionalism. Our team arrives early, handles all the technical details and video equipment, and without affecting the proceedings, unobtrusively captures everything that takes place. Afterwards, we provide a full suite of postproduction services, including syncing video testimony to the court reporter’s written transcript, all with rapid turnaround and in virtually any format you need.

  • Video depositions
  • Synchronized video transcripts
  • HD video conferencing suites nationwide
  • Picture in Picture (PIP) Technology
  • Video editing
  • Video clip creation
  • Video streaming
  • Site inspections
  • Day-in-the-life videos
  • Closed captioning services

Trial-ready synchronized video depositions.

VideoSync+™ is a complete video deposition package. Our team  synchronizes video testimony with the final transcript, including exhibits, in an easy-to-use interface making it efficient to review testimony and create trial-ready clips on the fly.