Complex Case Management

When it comes to litigation, there is no such thing as a simple case. However, there are a category of particularly complex or large cases that present unique organizational challenges.

U.S. Legal Support’s Complex Case Management team specializes in delivering the unique support, logistical oversight and expertise firms handling these matters require.

Complex cases come in every conceivable form and involve a wide range of topics, including antitrust, securities, environmental, pharmaceuticals, commercial and residential construction, intellectual property and business disputes and conflicts.  Parties find themselves scattered around the country (or globe) attempting to orchestrate very large, ongoing matters that involve hundreds — and sometimes thousands — of depositions with unique logistical and technical needs. For over two decades, we’ve been allowing counsel and firms to focus on their work by keeping these major cases logistically on track.

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Victory in either bringing or defending an asbestos case is always a matter of degrees. There are rarely big surprises. Instead, success demands the slow, patient and thorough accumulation of facts, as well as exercising the utmost professionalism, efficiency and care in depositions. U.S. Legal Support can help you do both.

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