Complex Case Management

High-touch, personalized, concierge-style service

With decades of experience supporting the legal industry, we’re aware of the complexity litigation creates and are uniquely equipped to support your high-exposure cases. Our Case Management Team is ready to assist you.


For multi-district litigation and other complex cases, we offer personalized, concierge-style service for all of your court reporting, record retrieval, trial services, and other litigation support service needs.

  • A single point of contact who works within a dedicated team (and is an industry expert)
  • Premier access to top tier court reporters and trial consultants
  • Access to large, hybrid deposition conference rooms in more than 2,700 locations nationwide
  • Logistics and planning on your behalf (we can coordinate with opposing counsel, track down deliverables, manage invoicing, and more)
  • Free access to our secure and managed Document Repository for central organization, unlimited file storage and compliance management when leveraging our court reporting services
  • A central and secure Document Depository for Construction Defect matters
  • Management of every aspect of your case on our proprietary, seamless, all-in-one litigation support calendar
  • Early case assessment with our in-house jury consultants
  • International case management capabilities

Case management clients receive complimentary access to our seamless, all-in-one litigation calendar.

  • The calendar is fully customizable to group events by company name, party name, location, etc.
  • Scheduling documents can be made available for download within each specific calendar entry, such as a Notice of Deposition
  • Filter calendar view by party
  • Preferences can be set individually, including time zone
  • Timeline, Agenda and List Views provide high-level views of the litigation calendar
  • Calendar administration by your dedicated Case Manager

Clients and Experience

Whether it’s a massive class action, a highly technical construction dispute, or an international criminal matter, our team delivers the services clients need, professionally, expertly and consistently. Here are just some of the representative cases we’ve worked on.

Below are a few of our most noteworthy examples.

We can provide personalized service for your next MDL or other complex case.