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Around the clock access to all documents.

Our document depository services provide a secure online location for produced documents to be available to all parties in a case whenever they’re needed.

A little-known secret? When utilizing U.S. Legal Support for depositions, all clients also receive access to our document depository services at no additional charge.

Secure Document Depository Services

Secure & Managed Document Depository Services

Perfect for multi-district litigation, construction defect cases, and more, let U.S. Legal Support provide a secure and compliant online location for produced documents to be organized, stored, and always available to all approved parties. 

  • Zero Cost: Use our depository at no additional charge when leveraging U.S. Legal Support for deposition services. 
  • Secure: SOC 2 Type 2 and HIPAA compliant online depository with encryption.  
  • Central Organization: Digital, cloud-based, all-in-one location for all documents related to each case – providing the ability to search, download, screenshare, and print all case documents with ease. No toggling back and forth between multiple platforms looking for documents; from intake to depository, all documents are corralled in one central location.  
  • Unlimited File Storage: All file formats supported and individual file sizes up to 15GB.  
  • Fully Managed: Oversight of the organization and maintenance of all case documents by the U.S. Legal Support Depository team: All discovery, pleadings, subpoenas, and more are maintained by our Depository Coordinator, freeing up time for your legal team.  
  • Indexes: Index of all documents in the depository and an index of email distribution lists for all parties in the case (attorneys and paralegals). 
  • Compliance Management: Our Depository Services team ensures compliance with how documents are produced (TIF, PDF, XLS, and more) and provides notices of compliance to other parties when documents enter the depository. 
  • Concierge-Style Service: Communicate with our Depository Services team via email for a seamless experience for the administration of all case documents.
  • Training: One-on-one training for your team on how to use our Depository, which leverages 
  • Integration with our Digital Exhibit Platform: When depositions begin, U.S. Legal Support can seamlessly move the entire depository directly into our digital exhibit management and sharing platform, InstantExhibit Plus™, creating a central digital collection of all exhibits needed for deposition. 

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Online Document Depository

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