Executive Team

Charles F. Schugart

Retired (Founder)

Charles Schugart is U.S. Legal Support’s Founder, and while now retired, left a lasting legacy at the company. Charles spent his entire professional career in service businesses, and upon arriving at U.S. Legal Support, he achieved significant growth and success, launching innovative services and expanding U.S. Legal Support's national footprint through multiple acquisitions across the country.

Before U.S. Legal Support, Charles spent his career in the financial sector, working with major residential developers and some of the most prominent accounting firms in the country.   While at Arthur Andersen, his focus involved a variety of mid-market public and private companies.  He left Arthur Andersen to join Invatec, an industrial services company, further honing his ability to dive deep and assess the operations side of a company.  In his role as President of Invatec, Charles oversaw more than 20 acquisitions, the IPO and subsequent sale of the company. These experiences would serve him well at U.S. Legal Support.

Charles joined U.S. Legal Support in 2004, and over the ensuing years, built and led the team that transformed it from a small, struggling company, to an industry leader. Or as he likes to say “From Worst to First”. Upon his arrival at U.S. Legal Support, he was committed to understanding every facet of the business, every role each team member served, and how each tied together.

Charles’ vision for U.S. Legal Support was simple: establish U.S. Legal Support as the industry leader by committing to a few basic concepts which had been overlooked by others:  Service. Transparency. Create a nimble, flat organization.

Service: The customer always comes first, and above all else, the organization exists to deliver first-class service to all U.S. Legal Support clients.

Transparency: As an organization, U.S. Legal Support is operated by people who are open, honest, straightforward and transparent in their dealings with one another, with vendors, clients and third parties. No spin or maneuvering.

A Nimble, Flat Organization: Minimize bureaucracy. Eliminate silos. Push responsibility down to the lowest level possible. Empower people to make decisions, offer ideas, make suggestions.

While simple, and in a sense, timeless, these concepts are the foundation of any successful business, and they’re the foundation of ours. Charles brought them here, instilled them in every member of the team, and in doing so, helped lay the foundation for what the company is today.