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Our company built its reputation on reliable, expert court reporting and deposition services. By providing an unbeatable combination of personal service, innovation and scale, we have earned a reputation as the partner attorneys rely on for dependable, professional court reporting services. Our Boston offices deliver onsite and remote deposition services with our network of professional, highly experienced Boston court reporters.

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Trusted & Experienced Trial Services in Greater Boston

If you are searching for a certified court reporter in Boston and surronding cities, we are here to help. We offer on-demand access to offices throughout Boston that offer state-of-the-art technology, amenities, and support. We understand the unique demands of a legal professional, and we are dedicated to providing the utmost support and professionalism for all your litigation support service needs.

For all of your court reporting service needs, we have you covered. With a network of 5,000+ professional court reporters highly skilled in the art of stenographic shorthand, voice writing, and digital reporting, we can provide an official court reporter for any situation — a deposition, arbitration, trial, mediation — anywhere within Boston and surrounding cities. Additionally, you will have access to our full suite of court reporting services, including legal videography, interpretation, real-time text streaming, and complete remote deposition services. If you’re looking for court reporting services in Boston or anywhere else in the United States, professional court reporters are ready to assist you.

Office Amenities Include:

  • High-speed wifi
  • Complimentary on-site parking
  • Multiple conference rooms with seating for large legal proceedings
  • Complimentary snacks and lunch
  • Experienced, friendly staff onsite

The ultimate solution for seamless and secure remote depositions.

RemoteDepo Pro™ is specifically designed for legal proceedings, leveraging state-of-the-art technology to provide the tools you need for effective and flexible remote depositions, hearings, and arbitrations. With advanced exhibit sharing, annotation, storage and management tools, plus high-fidelity multi-channel audio capture, everyone can participate in a remote deposition and interact as if they were in the same conference room.

Additional Litigation Support Services in Boston

Record Retrieval

Our record retrieval team retrieves 27,000,000+ pages of records annually, leveraging our network of 1,100,000+ established location and provider relationships. With alternative remote solutions, our nationwide team can retrieve medical transcriptions, academic, banking, employment, business, and other records to keep your cases moving forward. Our medical record retrieval process is HIPAA compliant and all files are transmitted securely via our SOC 2 Type II certified Client Portal.

Legal Interpreting & Translation Services

Our company’s experienced, versatile team of legal interpreters includes a network of over 5,000 interpreters who can support 200+ languages, including Spanish, French, Italian, Arabic, Russian, Hindu, and more, both in-person and remotely. Our certified translation professionals have specialized knowledge of industry terminology and professional languages, in addition to being well versed in the slang and nuances of regional dialects. Utilizing our vast network allows you to find a professional translator or court interpreter, who is typically a native speaker of your target language, that can provide the expertise you need throughout your entire case.

Trial Services

Our team of experienced and talented trial services professionals, including Jury Consultants, Litigation Consultants, Graphic Designers, certified Medical Illustrators and Forensic Animators, Presentation Specialists, Behavioral Scientists, and Psychologists have over 500 years of collective experience across more than 20,000 trials, mediations, and arbitrations. From jury research and consulting to legal graphics and trial technology, we help our clients gain a winning edge. 

Transcription Services

Transcription services aren’t just for audio and video files. We consistently excel in translating and delivering precise and accurate transcripts for a wide variety of content, including employee manuals, birth certificates, marriage documents, bank statements, board meetings, interviews, YouTube videos, police bodycam footage, and more.

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We can provide an experienced, professional Boston court reporter for any situation.

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