VideoSync+™ by U.S. Legal Support Expands Trial-Ready Synchronized Video Deposition Services for Expedited Trial Preparation

VideoSync - Deposition video and transcript synchronization solution

Houston, TX, December 2, 2020 – U.S. Legal Support, the nation’s leading provider of litigation support services, proudly announces the expansion of its nationwide court reporting services with the launch of VideoSync+™.

VideoSync+™: The Complete Video Deposition Synchronization Solution

VideoSync+™ leverages the U.S. Legal Support team of Legal Videography Specialists to provide you the ultimate trial-ready video deposition package. Our team synchronizes video testimony with the final deposition transcript, including exhibits, in an easy-to-use interface making it efficient to review testimony and create trial-ready clips on the stop. With the video synched to the deposition transcript, you can follow along onscreen as the video plays and quickly open exhibits as they are referenced. Complete with a word index and full search capabilities, you can quickly locate the portion of testimony needed to help expedite trial preparation.

“The introduction of VideoSync+™ makes it more efficient for our clients to prepare for trial,” says Pete Giammanco, President and Chief Strategy Officer at U.S. Legal Support. “With the video deposition synched to the transcript, attorneys can follow along on-screen as the video plays and quickly open exhibits as they are referenced. The built-in editing controls provide effective tools for our clients to leverage video content throughout the discovery process, from deposition to trial. VideoSync+™ is the latest addition to our full-service litigation support portfolio.”

Features and functionality of VideoSync+™ includes:

  • Video deposition synched with final transcript
  • Video captured by professional legal video specialists
  • Hyperlinked exhibits
  • Word Index and full search capabilities
  • Built-in editing to create trial-ready clips on the fly
  • Screenshot capabilities
  • Playback controls
  • Compatible with most trial presentation software platforms
  • Trial technician can easily load video intro trial presentation software

See the platform in action or read more here.

To facilitate a seamless trial experience and allow litigators to focus on examination, U.S. Legal Support also offers experienced trial technicians to help in the courtroom, war room and with pre-trial preparation. Our seasoned trial technicians boast more than 6,000 days of experience in the “hot seat” in both state and federal venues nationwide. From providing on-demand access to documents, transcripts, videos, graphics and more to performing seamless on-the-fly document annotations, the U.S. Legal Support team works to ensure everyone has what they need, when they need it.

In addition to video deposition services, U.S. Legal Support also offers a full suite of litigation support services, including court reporting, remote depositions, interpreting & translations, trial services and legal transcription services. Learn more here.

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