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Remote service options


Always On. Always There.

With more than 85 offices around the country, our local and remote teams are equipped with the technology and experience to keep your discovery schedule, trial preparation and other litigation efforts moving forward whenever, wherever. RemoteDepo Resources

Highly qualified court reporters

When did you get the sinking feeling this day was off kilter?

Always on. Always there.

A highrise begins to sink. A patent owner claims infringement. Fortunately, we have reporters highly-trained in construction, IP, antitrust, pharma, med mal, environmental and business litigation to ensure what is said is transcribed…literally. Learn More

Records retrieved anywhere anytime

When did the day go off the rails? You'll have to find the record.

Always on. Always there.

Projects derail. Plans derail. But when trains derail, lost profits and lost time play second fiddle to the loss of life and environmental hazards. And there can be trainloads of relevant documents to retrieve. You can retrieve your documents anywhere, anytime for any case. Learn More

Multiple languages for a diverse America

Se Habla Espanol. Ici on parle Francais.

Always on. Always there.

At least 350 languages are spoken in America. We mind the language gap whenever it occurs. That means your case moves forward without a hitch. Language logistics solved. If you want to know more, just speak up. Learn More

Trial services deliver a competitive edge

Imagine a genie in the East creates two courtrooms to match the third…

Always on. Always there.

A courtroom set up in a Pakistani hotel room, connected to a courtroom stateside? Yes, we did that. And that’s not even the most challenging project we have taken on: demanding, sophisticated exhibit creation, war rooms and in-trial technicians. Learn More

Deposition locations

Where do your cases take you? Last year, you found us in Brazil, Israel, Egypt, Cuba…

Always on. Always there.

We have been nearly everywhere for depositions with few exceptions. Last year, in addition to the countries above, we were in Ireland, South Korea, UK, Russia, Iceland and Australia. We go where you go. You can also use any of our office locations for free. Win/win. Learn More

Complex cases made easy

Is this case a strong storm brewing? I've got to track logistics, schedules, locations…

Always on. Always there.

Complex cases require concierge services like dedicated case managers, certified shorthand reporters, shared calendars. Our experienced team will handle all logistical and technical leads, including scheduling and managing multiple track depositions, exhibits and locations worldwide. Learn More