Medical Record Retrieval

Whether you’re a law firm or an insurance carrier, leave the hassle of the medical record retrieval process to our company’s experts.  From patient medical record summaries and treatment chronologies to healthcare provider reports, U.S. Legal Support offers full-service records assistance – from retrieval to records management and organization.

Medical Record Retrieval Services

U.S. Legal Support’s medical record retrieval solutions make it fast and easy to release healthcare information, medical records, and bills you need for your case. As one of the largest record retrieval providers in the United States, we offer an unmatched, robust, digital infrastructure and one of the fastest servicing teams in the country.

  • Each medical record request is fulfilled by an elite, experienced team.
  • Over 1,100,000 established provider relationships.
  • Strategically placed retrieval service hubs across the country.
  • SOC 2 Type 2 and HIPAA compliant Client Portal for rapid, 24/7 access to record requests, status updates, and viewing of records (including X-rays!).
  • Save time with expediting teams in every time zone.
  • Digital records can be delivered directly into your claims system for faster delivery and streamlined review by staff.
  • Customized follow up system for record pursuit.
  • Secure MedRec Portal enables custodians and facilities to transfer.

Security & Compliance

Our company’s Record Retrieval capabilities are augmented by a special force multiplier: technology that comes backed by industry-leading security. Beginning with our Client Portal for access to digitized records, ordering, records management, and invoicing, our industry-leading professional expertise is extended by a technical infrastructure and record retrieval process with security that’s second to none. 

Our portal is fully HIPAA compliant and meets  SOC 2 Type 2 security standards. Our technology and security make the best even better. 

Record Analysis and Organization

In addition to the expedited release of information, if you need additional summaries, records analysis, or record organization, our legal professionals can provide these services upon request. 

  • Patient Demographics Review: Verification of the patient’s name and DOB on each page. 
  • Medical Summaries: Summary of medical charts by a physician or nurse. 
  • Medical Billing Summaries: Summary of billing pertaining to the case, including out-of-pocket patient expenses, insurance payments, write-off amounts, and more.  
  • Deposition Transcript Summaries: Summary of deposition transcripts in narrative format. 
  • Chronological organization of records. 
  • Custom summaries of medical documents available upon request. 
  • Indexing and hyperlinking solutions for enhanced ease of review. 
  • We can identify additional medical provider information within retrieved medical records to help you assess if records should be ordered from those providers. 

Record retrieval is an important part of any litigation, but it is a complex, time-consuming process. By partnering with a leader in the industry, your organization can access efficient, secure, and expedited medical record retrieval services and enjoy faster service and claims resolution. Our professional, fast, and accurate service is the reason why many attorneys and insurance companies continue to choose U.S. Legal Support to take care of their medical record retrieval needs. Not only do we provide a wide range of record retrieval services, we also provide a full suite of expert court reporting and deposition services. Contact us today if you require court reporting services near you.

Nationwide medical record retrieval done right.