U.S. Legal Support Proudly Named The #1 Court Reporting and Deposition Service Provider by Michigan Lawyers in The Annual Readers Ranking Survey 

U.S. Legal Court Reporting & Deposition Award

Houston, Texas // August 31, 2021 – U.S. Legal Support Inc., the nation’s leading provider of litigation support services, is proud to announce that our Michigan clients and the readers of Michigan Lawyers Weekly have voted us the #1 Court Reporting and Deposition Service Provider in the annual “Best of 2021 Readers Ranking Survey.” With a network of more than 5,000 professional court reporters plus on-demand access to over 12,000 offices nationwide, U.S. Legal Support can provide court reporting services for in-person, remote and hybrid depositions, arbitrations, hearings, and other proceedings. In addition to this award, we also ranked first place as the best courtroom presentation provider and received top ranking as the best interpretation service provider.

“On behalf of everyone at U.S. Legal Support, we are proud and grateful to receive these honors from our Michigan clients,” said Carrie Cosenza, Division President, Midwest & Northeast Divisions at U.S. Legal Support. “We strive to constantly provide our clients with exceptional service for all of their court reporting and other litigation support needs. We greatly appreciate the support from our clients and the entire Michigan legal community for selecting U.S. Legal Support for this special recognition. It’s our privilege to continue to serve Michigan legal professionals with a full suite of court reporting, record retrieval, interpreting and translations, trial services and legal transcription services.”

As legal professionals continue to navigate the new world of remote, in-person and hybrid proceedings, U.S. Legal Support is equipped with the nationwide resources, robust digital infrastructure and experienced teams to provide full coverage for all case types. Whether a deposition in Detroit, Ann Arbor, Lansing, Grand Rapids or across the country, we can provide a professional reporter for your case.

For remote depositions, U.S. Legal Support offers a virtual remote deposition platform, RemoteDepo™. With RemoteDepo™, everyone can participate in a remote deposition and interact as if they were in the same conference room. With an internet connection and webcam-equipped device, participants can communicate in realtime, observe witness body language and seamlessly facilitate questioning. RemoteDepo™ has functionality and features to mimic in-person proceedings including exhibit sharing, on-screen annotations, private breakout rooms, virtual waiting rooms, realtime feed of the court reporter’s transcript and more. Join from one of 2,700+ cities across the country, or from the safety and comfort of your own home or office.

For interpreting needs, U.S. Legal Support has a network of 5,000+ interpreters fluent in 200+ languages who are well versed in the slang, terminology and nuances of regional dialects. With a minimum of 5 years’ legal interpreting experience, the U.S. Legal Support interpreters are knowledgeable in legal terminology and “specialty language” including financial, intellectual property, medical and pharmaceutical content. Interpreters are available for in-person, remote and hybrid proceedings.

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