U.S. Legal Support Completes Acquisition of Litivate Reporting + Trial Services


U.S. Legal Support, Inc., the nation’s leading provider of litigation support services, proudly announces the acquisition of Litivate Reporting + Trial Services.

Founded in 2006, Litivate Reporting + Trial Services provides expert litigation services including Trial Consulting and Court Reporting in San Diego. As a product of their commitment to delivering exceptional service and effective trial technologies, Litivate has established a loyal following of some of the most accomplished litigators in the San Diego and San Francisco legal communities.

“The corporate culture of excellence and commitment to client service is the primary reason we chose to merge with U.S. Legal Support,” says Litivate founder Jim Drimmer. “We were impressed by the executive leadership’s strong court reporting roots, sense of professionalism, and forward-thinking business minds. Becoming a part of the U.S. Legal Support team, we are confident that our clients will be better served by additional service offerings, new and emerging technologies, and an expanded network of facilities across the nation.”

“We have enjoyed a friendly relationship with Litivate as competitors in the San Diego market for many years,” shared U.S. Legal Support CEO, Charles F. Schugart. “Jim Drimmer and Erik Thorsnes share our same entrepreneurial spirit, commitment and business philosophies. Bringing together these two incredible teams will further enhance our presence in San Diego, and we couldn’t be more pleased.”

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