Streamlined Medical Record Retrieval in Jacksonville, FL

Don’t waste valuable time and personnel power navigating the time-consuming and complex medical record retrieval process in Jacksonville — rely on U.S. Legal Support’s robust, dedicated record retrieval network instead. Our team of experts will deliver your records in a convenient digital format, so you can get to work doing what you do best without delay. If needed, we can also deliver records on an expedited schedule.

Jacksonville, FL

The medical record retrieval process varies from state to state, city to city, and even provider to provider. At U.S. Legal Support, navigating those complex systems is what we do best. Save time, reduce stress, and put our industry-leading tech to work for you—medical record retrieval in Jacksonville, FL is simple with help from U.S. Legal Support.

  • Elite expediting teams — Our retrieval teams work out of strategically placed hubs across the nation (and have expediting teams in every time zone) and utilize over one million established provider relationships to access vital clinical data in record time.
  • Cutting-edge client portal — We transfer records rapidly through our SOC Type 2 secure, HIPAA compliant client portal. Our system allows multiple members of your team the ability to order, review, collaborate on, and download your records, all in one convenient, secure location. Access your records requests, receive status updates, and view/download documents whenever you need to (as many times as you need to), 24/7—even x-rays.
  • Optional analysis and organization — Once you’ve retrieved your medical documents, sifting through medical records can prove to be a tedious task. Luckily for our clients, we offer additional services including summarization, analysis, and organization, all performed by our experienced staff of legal industry professionals.

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Secure, Compliant, and Worry-Free Retrieval Services

Whether you’re litigating a civil suit or processing an insurance claim, confidentiality and security are paramount.

At U.S. Legal Support, we understand the vital nature of air-tight, robust security measures. It’s why we’ve gone the extra mile for our clients—not only do our practices follow SOC Type 2 and HIPAA compliance requirements, but we also have attestation from a reputable independent auditor to prove it.

Our Network and Security Operations Center operates around the clock, and your data is protected by multiple redundant data centers to ensure secure access to your data whenever you need it. With end-to-end encryption, third-party penetration testing, intrusion detection and prevention systems, and incident response and recovery protocols, you’ll never have to worry about the security of your records.

You’ve Got Questions, We’ve Got Answers

Do you offer record retrieval services in Jacksonville, FL?
Yes. U.S. Legal Support maintains a nationwide presence, and as such, we have the capacity to retrieve records across the country for all case types.

What kinds of records do you retrieve?
In addition to medical records, we also offer retrieval of business, employment, HR, personnel, and insurance records. In fact, we’re able to retrieve just about any type of record (physical or digital), and we do—to the tune of over 27 million pages of records each year.

What additional records services do you offer?
We specialize in retrieval, summarization, analysis, and organization of records, including (but not limited to):

  • Chronological organization services
  • Custom summaries, indexing, and hyperlinking organization systems
  • Patient demographics review (verification of patient’s identifying information on each page)
  • Medical summaries and medical billing summaries (including physician/nurse chart summaries, and detailed billing info such as out-of-pocket patient expenses, insurance payments, write-offs, etc)
  • Narrative deposition transcript summaries
  • Identification and assessment of potentially valuable additional record sources within retrieved records

How long does it take to retrieve records?
Time frame varies depending upon the details of each request. You’ll be able to track the progress of your retrieval through our client portal.

Do you offer any court reporting services?
Yes, U.S. Legal Support is your all-inclusive litigation support partner. Learn more about our Jacksonville court reporting services.