U.S. Legal Support Completes Acquisition of Sclafani Williams Court Reporters, Inc.

U.S. Legal Support, Inc., a preeminent provider of a suite of litigation support services including court reporting, record retrieval, eDiscovery and trial services, completes the acquisition of Sclafani Williams Court Reporters, Inc., a court reporting agency headquartered in Lakeland, Florida.

Sclafani Williams Court Reporters, Inc. has been serving the legal community since the early 1950s and has continued to expand through the years to provide full service court reporting services such as real-time reporting, videoconferencing, synchronized transcripts, digitized exhibits and legal video services. Sclafani Williams has anticipated the increasing demands from the legal field by adding deposition suites and videoconferencing locations in Lakeland, Orlando, Sarasota, downtown Tampa and Winter Haven. U.S. Legal Support will continue to complement the foundation already in place and serve clients across Florida.

“We are pleased to have Sclafani Williams Court Reporters join our team. It is an honor to bring the legacy that the Sclafani Williams family has built for over sixty years to U.S. Legal Support. It will not only enhance the suite of reporting and records services offered in Florida but also enhance our network of resources,” said Charles F. Schugart, U.S. Legal Support President & CEO.

U.S. Legal Support holds a national footprint with over 3,500 Court Reporters located across the United States, allowing clients the ability to schedule anywhere in the country from their local U.S. Legal Support office.

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