U.S. Legal Support Acquires Court Reporting Training Program

The court reporting industry is experiencing a crisis nationwide. Increased demand for professional court reporters, significant retirement rates and low enrollment rates have led industry experts to predict an immediate, critical shortage of more than 5,500 reporters nationwide.

U.S. Legal Support, Inc., the nation’s leading provider of litigation support services including court reporters, record retrieval and trial services, is committed to resolving this crisis. As part of its commitment, U.S. Legal Support proudly announces its acquisition of online court reporting program, StenoTrain.

In the August 2017 article “Court Reporter Shortage: What This Means for the Industry and for Reporters”, Jim Connor, RPR, CRR shares: “Court reporting schools across the nation have reported a steady decrease in enrollment over the last two decades. The schools attribute this trend to low-awareness and the push toward four-year degree programs.”

“Low awareness among young prospects contributes greatly to the current court reporter shortage,” Connor continues.

“To help overcome this, the industry would benefit greatly by making itself more visible. If court reporting firms, seasoned reporters and schools more effectively advocate for the benefits of this career path, perhaps awareness and interest will begin to spread. Court reporting can be a fulfilling, lucrative career, and with the current shortage, opportunities for young professionals are boundless.”

With this strategic acquisition, U.S. Legal Support is heeding the call.

Jennifer Gaul will spearhead this program in her role as U.S. Legal Support’s Senior Vice President, Court Reporter Relations. Jennifer’s passion for court reporting and commitment to the profession’s continual improvement is deeply rooted in more than 20 years of experience. In her current role, she focuses on reporter training, education, recruiting and development across the United States.

This acquisition is the next step in U.S. Legal Support’s continuing commitment to lead the charge in identifying solutions to the court reporting profession’s ever-growing shortage.

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