U.S. Legal Support’s contribution to Project Steno’s High School Initiative

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In support of our commitment to the community of stenographers nationwide and the stenographic profession, U.S. Legal Support has facilitated the donation of 30 Stenograph Wave machines to Project Steno and its students. These machines will be used in high school programs across the country.

“On behalf of the board at Project Steno, I would like to thank U.S. Legal Support for their donation,” said Nancy Varallo, Executive Director. “High schools are clamoring to add Basic Training, Project Steno’s intro-to-steno program, to their course offerings. We had volunteers lined up to teach but were worried we wouldn’t have enough machines. Thanks to these donations, we were able to get started.” Basic Training was delivered to two Massachusetts High School this past year (26 students), and there are four high schools in the queue for the coming school year (over 100 students have expressed interest).

U.S. Legal Support believes it’s extremely important that we continue to support the development of court reporting skills. Stenography is a unique skill that is in high demand. Court reporter training leads to more than a certificate or a degree. It is about opening the doors to a professional career with a successful future. Sharpening court reporting skills helps you prepare for immediate employment in a career as a court reporter, captioner, transcriptionist, or scopist.

U.S. Legal Support’s President and Chief Strategy Officer, and fellow Certified Shorthand Reporter, Pete Giammanco, shared: “As a company, we are passionate about the reporting profession and continue to seek out additional ways we can bring awareness and new students to this remarkable community. It is our hope that with this contribution to Project Steno’s noble efforts, we help students further their studies in pursuit of successful careers as stenographers.”

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