U.S. Legal Support Transforms Case Preparation and Strategy with New AI-Generated Deposition Summary Service, DepoSummary Pro™

Houston, Texas // June 4, 2024, // U.S. Legal Support Inc., the nation’s leading provider of litigation support services, is excited to announce the launch of DepoSummary Pro™, providing legal professionals with fast, accurate, and dynamic AI-generated deposition summaries. Powered by Merlin Search Technologies, DepoSummary Pro™ quickly distills lengthy transcripts into concise, digestible summaries to increase productivity and accelerate case strategy. Leveraging best-in-class AI technology, it can quickly review hundreds of pages of testimony to produce a thorough, fully editable, deposition summary, complete with multiple layers of summarization for ease of review. The transcript summary is delivered within U.S. Legal Support’s SOC 2 Type 2 and HIPAA compliant Client Portal along with the final transcript.

Unlike other deposition summary services which only produce high-level summaries of the transcript, DepoSummary Pro™ provides multiple levels of summarization, including:

  • Testimony Abstract: Included with every transcript summary is a testimony abstract, providing a succinct overview of what was covered throughout the entire proceeding, including answers to major lines of inquiry.
  • Organization by Key Sections: Analyzing the full transcript, DepoSummary Pro™ groups segments of testimony into key sections for a more complete narrative overview.
  • Explicit Statements & References: Within each section, admissions and testimony are summarized at the page-line level, providing direct reference and quick access to each specific statement for ease of review.

To deliver this powerful new service, U.S. Legal Support has partnered with Merlin Search Technologies. Founded in 2019, Merlin Search Technologies is a pioneering AI and cloud technology software company whose mission is to harness AI and secure cloud technologies to transform investigations, and discovery workflow, making them significantly faster, more effective, and less expensive.

“We are very excited about the launch of DepoSummary Pro™,” said Jimmie Bridwell, CEO, U.S. Legal Support. “The legal profession is incredibly demanding and fast paced. It is our goal, as our clients’ all-inclusive litigation support services partner, to remove as many barriers as possible to increase their productivity, efficiency, and to help realize desired case outcomes. With the cutting-edge AI technology powering DepoSummary Pro™, we can quickly provide concise, easily digestible, and fully editable transcript summaries, enabling legal professionals to dedicate more time towards case strategy. We are excited to partner with Merlin Search Technologies and look forward to providing additional support to legal professionals through innovative technology and exceptional client service.  This is just the beginning.”

“We are thrilled to announce our partnership with U.S. Legal Support and the launch of DepoSummary Pro™,” said John Tredennick, CEO and Founder, Merlin Search Technologies. “Our AI-enabled technology solutions are designed to empower legal professionals with unprecedented efficiency and insights. This collaboration signifies a pivotal moment in our collective journey to provide a superior client experience. Together, we’re setting the standard for innovation within the legal industry.”

DepoSummary Pro™ is protected by robust security, adhering to U.S. Legal Support’s best practice cybersecurity protocols, including SOC 2 Type 2 and HIPAA compliance. This means that sensitive case and client information is safeguarded and will not be shared, stored, or used by open AI engines to train their models.

Other benefits of DepoSummary Pro™ include:

  • Available in PDF and fully editable Word formats
  • Hyperlinked page-line citations and a table of contents to quickly jump to key portions of testimony for review within the final, linked transcript
  • Multiple navigation options on each page to quickly and easily navigate throughout the document
  • Each transcript summary includes a reference section, complete with proceeding details including the name, date, location, and witness’ name

In addition to AI deposition summaries, U.S. Legal Support also offers a full suite of court reporting, record retrieval, interpreting & translations, trial services, and transcription services to law firms, insurance carriers, and major corporations nationwide.

To learn more about DepoSummary Pro™ visit www.uslegalsupport.com/deposition-summaries/

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