U.S. Legal Support Introduces a Reimagined Remote Deposition Platform Designed Specifically for Seamless and Secure Remote Legal Proceedings

HOUSTONFeb. 28, 2024 // U.S. Legal Support, the nation’s leading provider of litigation support services, today announced the general availability of their reimagined remote proceeding platform, RemoteDepo Pro™. RemoteDepo Pro™ is designed specifically for legal proceedings and leverages state-of-the-art technology to provide the tools legal professionals need for secure, seamless, and flexible remote depositions, hearings, and other matters.

RemoteDepo Pro™ gives everyone the tools they need to facilitate and manage a remote proceeding from one central location. Modeled after in-person proceedings, RemoteDepo Pro™ simplifies and streamlines exhibit sharing, annotation, and stamping with elevated functionality and controls. Participants can share documents with a single click, upload and annotate exhibits before or during the proceeding, and view introduced exhibits from past proceedings within the platform. High-fidelity audio from each participant is captured on individual channels, helping ensure a clean record, while Automated Speech Recognition (ASR) technology provides a live speech-to-text feed and the ability to instantly play back audio during the proceeding.

“I am thrilled to unveil RemoteDepo Pro™, our latest innovative solution to further accelerate the evolution of remote legal proceedings,” said Jimmie Bridwell, U.S. Legal Support CEO. “Over the last few years, fueled in large part by the pandemic, we saw an explosion in the adoption of remote depositions and other legal proceedings. We set out to reimagine the remote deposition experience for attorneys, their clients, witnesses, and court reporters to provide a more complete and effective solution.”

Jimmie continued: “RemoteDepo Pro™ provides the flexibility our clients need in today’s ever-evolving litigation environment. The platform provides a seamless experience with advanced tools and functionality, making it easy and flexible to keep your discovery on track. I’m looking forward to continuing to support our clients’ remote needs with RemoteDepo Pro™ and our local teams across the country.”

RemoteDepo Pro™ is built to leverage cutting-edge technology, providing the agility legal professionals need to improve efficiency, contain costs, and increase speed-to-delivery. The platform includes ViewScript, a live speech-to-text feed of participant audio powered by the Stenograph Phoenix ASR engine. ViewScript captures high-fidelity audio from each participant on individual channels, instantly translating it from speech into summary text for immediate review. You can also playback any portion of audio during the proceeding without crosstalk or interferences.

In 2022, U.S. Legal Support announced a multi-year technology partnership with Stenograph to provide additional technology solutions to enhance the exceptional client and reporter experience throughout its legal services offering.

“As the leading technology provider in the legal transcription market, we are excited to expand our partnership with U.S. Legal Support to provide solutions across all methods of reporting and transcript production,” said Anir Dutta, President, Stenograph, LLC. “The RemoteDepo Pro™ platform is powered through best-in-class technology from Stenograph to aid with the capture, creation, and production of verbatim records. With ViewScript within RemoteDepo Pro™, participants benefit from unparalleled and convenient access to synced audio, video, and text immediately following the deposition. Stenograph is committed to making court reporters and agencies more efficient and productive while preserving the accuracy and sanctity of the spoken word.”

In addition to this new solution, U.S. Legal Support will continue offering its core services to law firms, insurance carriers, and corporations, including court reporting, record retrieval, interpreting, translations, trial services, and transcription services.

Learn more about RemoteDepo Pro™: https://www.uslegalsupport.com/remote-depositions/



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