U.S. Legal Support Completes Acquisition of First Choice Reporting & Video Services

First Choice Reporting & Video Services

U.S. Legal Support, Inc., the nation’s leading provider of litigation support services, proudly announces the acquisition of First Choice Reporting & Video Services.

Founded in 1997 by Kirsty Schouweiler, First Choice Reporting & Video Services quickly became known for their exceptional commitment to clientele. Providing comprehensive legal support services throughout Florida and beyond, First Choice is recognized as one of the most dedicated and accomplished teams of specialists in the region. With nine strategically located offices, First Choice has been a staple in the Florida legal market, nimbly handling their clients’ litigation support needs for more than 20 years.

“The opportunity to bring First Choice into the U.S. Legal Support family was an exciting possibility for us. We had long admired the professionalism of their team and knew they would be an ideal fit to continue our rapid growth in Florida,” said Charles Schugart, President and Chief Executive Officer. “This acquisition further solidifies U.S. Legal Support as the premier provider of litigation support services in the Florida community.”

“Finding a company who shares your same core corporate values and commitment to service and quality solidified our decision to merge with U.S. Legal Support,” shared First Choice founder, Kirsty Schouweiler. “This opportunity expands options to our clients by introducing a portfolio of new technology, additional staff of dedicated team members to assist our clients and numerous offices nationwide. The energy level surrounding this merger is of extreme proportions. Both companies are inspired by the same vision which is to exceed the clients’ expectations.”

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