U.S. Legal Support Announces Expanded Partnership with Project Steno in Support of Continued Commitment to Stenographic Court Reporting Profession

U.S. Legal Support is proud to expand our partnership with Project Steno

Houston, Texas // November 8, 2021 – U.S. Legal Support, the nation’s leading provider of litigation support services, is proud to announce an expanded partnership with leading stenographic court reporting recruitment and education group, Project Steno. Project Steno promotes the stenographic court reporting profession through community outreach, with the goal of building a robust pipeline of students into school and graduating them in two years.

U.S. Legal Support recognizes and believes that stenography remains the gold standard for transcribing speech into text. In recent years, the effects of the nationwide court reporter shortage have led to unparalleled opportunity for new reporters. Stenographic court reporters and captioners are in high demand across the country, which means when students graduate, they will have guaranteed jobs waiting for them and a long-term, lucrative career.

“Court reporting is in our DNA,” said Kellen S. Smith, President and Chief Financial Officer, U.S. Legal Support. “Many of our leadership team members have spent decades of their careers as practicing stenographers. We have a profound appreciation for the highly skilled professional stenographers with whom we work and understand the challenges and demands facing the industry. In support of our continued commitment to the profession of stenography, we’re excited to expand our partnership with Project Steno to help recruit, train, and graduate the next generation of stenographic court reporters. Having worked with Project Steno since their founding in 2017, U.S. Legal Support is looking forward to continuing our work together in support of our mutual goal: to raise awareness for this amazing profession.”

As Project Steno President Jim DeCrescenzo commented in a recent press release, “U.S. Legal Support’s generous financial support demonstrates their recognition of stenographic court reporters as vital to their ongoing business. We are grateful for their donation and for the collaborative spirit they have shown. Our goal is straightforward – we want to repopulate the dwindling ranks of stenographic reporters and captioners in our field. We need to get motivated students into school and graduate them in two years. To do that, we need financial support from the stenographic reporting community.”

U.S. Legal Support will continue to support Project Steno in numerous ways, including:

  • Partnering with high schools across the country to host informational seminars promoting the benefits of a career in court reporting
  • Shipping stenography machines to court reporting students
  • Sourcing professional court reporters to volunteer as instructors for Project Steno’s free Basic Steno Training Program
  • Donating to Project Steno’s Merit Award Program, helping to reduce the burden of tuition for eligible students

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