On-Demand Webinar

The Healthy Remote Lawyer


It’s no surprise that mental health has taken a hit this past year. Reports show that exhaustion, loneliness, anxiety and even depression are more common now than ever. Yet, there’s hope as we work from home in our comfy slippers with an almost non-existent commute. There are rhythms and routines you can create to help maintain healthy mental and physical well-being, remain focused, manage everyday stress and maximize your overall performance – even while balancing day-to-day life.

How can we manage our mental health and well-being in an effective way?

Find out in this webinar led by lawyer-turned-psychotherapist, Chelsy Castro, JD, MA, AM, LCSW. She’ll introduce:

  • Why lawyers are an especially vulnerable population to the pitfalls of working from home
  • How to identify anxiety and depression in yourself and others
  • The ethical implications of unmanaged anxiety and/or depression in the legal profession
  • Techniques to decrease the likelihood of depression and anxiety for lawyers working remotely

Download the worksheet here. 
Download the presentation here.