On-Demand Webinar

Culture of Confidentiality: How to ensure your external vendors are mitigating cybersecurity risk

Despite strengthening security across and beyond the business, many legal organizations overlook a critical vulnerability with surprising frequency – the risk presented by third parties. Cybersecurity risk is further heightened when outside counsel engages multiple partners to support their business – those fourth-party vendors your counsel uses for court reporting, record retrieval, transcription, and other litigation support services.  

Often, legal organizations have zero visibility into the data protection policies of these fourth-party vendors. So, how can the legal industry safeguard client data and ensure the vendors they (and outside counsel) work with have a culture of confidentiality? Our latest webcast, an intimate, thirty-minute “deep dive” with a leading information security expert, will cover:  

  • Options and core competencies for third-party risk management 
  • The difference between information security training, education, and awareness 
  • Best practices for building a ‘culture of confidentiality’ with external vendors 
  • Key questions to confirm such a culture exists