Digital Reporting Services for
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What is Digital Reporting?

The American Association of Electronic Reporters and Transcribers (AAERT) describes digital reporting as the “use of professional-level audio recording systems to register court proceedings.”  A Digital Reporter is a qualified and carefully trained individual who uses state-of-the-art recording equipment to capture an accurate, verbatim record during legal proceedings. 

With digital reporting from U.S. Legal Support, certified Digital Reporters record the audio from a legal proceeding to produce a verbatim transcript. While a Stenographer uses shorthand to transcribe the proceeding, Digital Reporters leverage professional-grade equipment to make a digital recording of the proceeding. Afterwards, a combination of powerful technology and human transcriptionists create an accurate transcript – either rough draft, certified final, or both. With digital reporting, there’s no worry about lost or poor-quality audio for the transcription. Digital Reporters run extensive tests before each proceeding to ensure connectivity, power source stability, sound quality, and redundancy.

Digital Reporting: Sample Language

Click here to download sample notice language for digital reporting.

The Essential Guide to Digital Reporting

Get an overview of digital reporting – the history, the technology, a comparison of court reporting methodologies, and more in this free guide.

FREE CLE: How Artificial Intelligence and Digital Reporting are Impacting the Litigation Landscape

The rise of Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools and platforms across all industries has been rapid and game changing. AI can transform the way professionals approach their work – from automating routine tasks to optimizing complex processes.

How has AI begun to impact the practice of law and what will the future hold? In our on-demand CLEwebcast, you’ll discover how AI and digital reporting are revolutionizing the litigation landscape. Our panel of experts explores current trends, shares insight into recent headlines, discusses important guardrails, gives practical advice for evaluating vendors and agency partners, and more.

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