The Visual Path to Verdict: Building Persuasive Litigation Graphics

Visual Path to Verdict

At trial, the ultimate goal is to give jurors a reason to feel good about finding in favor of your client. Legal graphics play an important role in achieving a favorable outcome during all phases of litigation. By giving proper attention to developing the legal graphics that will punctuate your strongest points, legal teams can properly arm jurors and enable them to articulate your side and hopefully reach a favorable verdict. 

In the latest white paper from U.S. Legal Support, “The Visual Path to Verdict: Building Persuasive Litigation Graphics”, three seasoned DecisionQuest consultants from the Trial Graphics division dive in-depth into best practices for creating the most compelling graphics for trial. From pre-trial testing and opening statements, to how to maximize witness testimony, to the best graphics for closing arguments, this white paper provides strategic insights with real-world examples.

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