U.S. Legal Support Launches Employee Mental Health Initiative, “Ignite Your Mental Health”

Litigation support services provider emphasizes mental health and wellness with designated program for employees

Houston, Texas // August 25, 2022 — U.S. Legal Support, the nation’s leading provider of litigation support services, announced today the launch of their first-ever mental health program for employees. Titled, “Ignite your Mental Health,” the program encompasses a monthly topic, session, or event for employees focusing exclusively on mental health and mental health resources. Within the litigation support services industry, U.S. Legal Support is one of the first to launch a stand-alone mental health program for employees.

Since the program start in April 2022, the human resources team has worked on several initiatives including providing employees an assessment on how to gauge the status of their mental health, ensuring each employee has the educational resources on what to do if struggling, and added a mental health coaching option for all employees to the U.S. Legal Support benefits package. While in-person sessions are covered, through the U.S. Legal Support benefits plan is a partnership with MDLIVE, in which USLS employees can quickly and easily schedule virtual counseling appointments.

“Within human resources at U.S. Legal Support, our imperative is asking how we can connect the human side of the person to the business side,” said Chief Human Resources Officer, Jessica Frost. “I believe by nurturing all aspects of our employee’s well-being, especially their mental health, we create a stronger organization and lead our industry by creating one of the best places to work.”

For the remainder of 2022, U.S. Legal Support has planned events and education to promote other aspects of mental health, including financial fitness, suicide prevention, and virtual yoga events for employees.  “Due to the overwhelming positive feedback of this program, the U.S. Legal Support Human Resources team is already planning for 2023 and I’m excited to keep expanding the mental health program more in the years ahead,” Frost said.


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