At U.S. Legal Support, we have specialized in providing the full range of court reporting services for asbestos cases since our founding.

Whether you’re a plaintiff or a defendant, our expertise, knowledge and service set us apart, and provide you and your team with the edge you need.

We understand there are many factors that make asbestos cases unique, and challenging. The field is mature – there are a limited number of defense and plaintiff firms with sufficient expertise to handle asbestos cases. The law is relatively settled. There is a stable, limited pool of experts capable of testifying on the science behind these cases. Due to the nature of asbestos claims, the same defendants are repeatedly involved. And plaintiffs are often in very poor health, which places counsel under pressure to work quickly, effectively and thoroughly. For all these reasons, experience in asbestos matters, matters. And nobody has more asbestos reporting experience than U.S. Legal Support.

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