Making the Most of Your Remote & Hybrid Proceedings in a Post-Pandemic Legal System

RemoteDepo White Paper

By now, the COVID-19 virus has caused major shifts in our daily lives, from personal interaction to the way we conduct business. Remote depositions have been around for a long time, but the global COVID-19 pandemic cast them in a new light.

Even as the legal industry slowly eases back into face-to-face depositions, remote depositions and hybrid proceedings remain the popular choice for a variety of reasons. The most prominent reasons include remote depositions being both time and cost-efficient, providing a more comfortable environment for the witnesses, and allowing for greater ease of scheduling.

In our post-pandemic legal system, there are measures counsel should be sure to take to make the most out of their remote or hybrid proceeding. From logistics to maximizing witness creditability, exhibit sharing and handling, technology management, counsel communication, and more, there are tried and tested best practices that should be at the forefront when preparing for your case.

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