Executive Team

Gayle L. Hardison

Senior Vice President, Human Resources

Above all, and more than almost any other business, U.S. Legal Support is powered by our people. The people we employ are the heart, soul and brain of our business, and the service they provide is what makes our business a leader in its field. As head of Human Resources, Gayle’s job is to make sure of two things: that the people of U.S. Legal Support are the very best in the business, and that their workplace is a place in which they can flourish and excel.

Gayle has spent her entire career in Human Resources. She began at Great Lakes Chemical Corporation as an HR Specialist when the company had approximately $200 million in revenue and was solely U.S. based. When she moved on, she was Director of Human Resources, and the company’s revenues had hit $1.6 billion internationally. During the last six years of her tenure, she was the HR lead on a global ERP system implementation and then led the selection and implementation of a global HR system, including projects in the U.K., Germany, Italy, France, Switzerland and several other international locations. She then spent three years as Sr. HR Business Partner for a $1.6 billion division of Sara Lee Corporation in Chicago where she supported two sales groups, marketing and two other locations in New York and Canada. Gayle joined U.S. Legal Support in 2006 as our first full-time human resources professional.

For Gayle, her role is intimately connected with the growth and success of U.S. Legal Support. Her responsibilities encompass the full range of Human Resources and Benefits. During her time at U.S. Legal Support, the company has grown from 300 full-time employees to more than 1,100, and the size and complexity of her Houston-based team has expanded along with it, including an HR/Benefits manager and a team of recruiters.

Gayle works closely with the division leadership and focuses on listening, building consensus and relationships, often operating as a kind of internal consultant, all with the objective of finding, and hiring, smart, motivated and entrepreneurial people to join the U.S. Legal Support team.