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As the industry leader in HIPAA compliance, U.S. Legal Support’s records retrieval personnel are armed with the rules and regulations needed to obtain your records from hospitals, physicians, clinics, pharmacies and insurance companies nationwide. 

U.S. Legal Support HIPAA Compliance and Continuing Legal Education

  • Staff is trained on HIPAA confidentiality and security. All U.S. Legal Support employees sign HIPAA Confidentiality Agreements to further protect our client’s data
  • All U.S. Legal Support vendors and subcontractors must sign Business Associate Agreements in compliance with the HIPAA Omnibus Rule 
  • All protected health information is transmitted through secure, encrypted servers. Network repositories are protected with SSL encryption and firewall protection
  • Protected health information is maintained electronically until our clients alert us that litigation has ended (per federal rules)
  • Records containing protected health information are retrieved using authorizations and subpoenas that comply with 45 CFR 164.508 and 45 CFR 164.512
  • Full time HIPAA Privacy Officer with over 20 years experience in healthcare compliance and privacy
  • Continuing Legal Education seminars are presented nationwide on HIPAA, HITECH, The Omnibus Rule by Heather Hughes, U.S. Legal Support HIPAA Privacy Officer

Click Here to Schedule Heather for a HIPAA Training or Seminar. 

What is HIPAA?

The Healthcare Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (“HIPAA”). Privacy and Security Rules set the standards on the confidentiality of individually identifiable information. HIPAA is a Federal law and all states must comply unless the state laws provide greater protection than the Federal law.

Who Does HIPAA Affect?

Personal health information must be kept confidential by covered entities and their business associates: healthcare providers who transmit information electronically, health care clearinghouses and health insurance companies and their business associates.

How Does HIPAA Impact Discovery?

When records containing protected health information are needed during discovery, legal professionals must comply with the HIPAA rules. For Judicial and Administrative Proceedings, a covered entity may disclose protected health information for the litigation in response to a court order, subpoena, discovery request, or other lawful process, provided the applicable requirements of 45 CFR 164.512 are met.

Click here for a HIPAA Authorization Form.

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Contact our HIPAA Privacy Officer:

Heather Hughes, J.D., CHPC

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