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Transcription Services

Transcription ServicesU.S. Legal Support offers quality Transcription Services by a dedicated team including Court Reporters and Transcriptionists experienced in the transcription of all audio and video formats  and Translators providing certified translation in multiple languages.

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Transcription Services Include:

  • Quality certified and uncertified transcription
  • Transcription of audio and video files from all file formats, as well as webcast/internet streaming, videocassette, audio cassette, microcassette and cell phone recordings
  • Proceedings such as statements, interviews, depositions, court proceedings, arbitrations, focus groups, surveillance, wire taps, phone calls, voicemails, meetings, television broadcasts, internet webcasts, seminars and presentations
  • Audio/Video translation-transcription by certified translators in most languages
  • Certified and uncertified document translation in virtually any language
  • Document digitization/reproduction
  • Legal and office dictations to Word documents
  • Audio and video synchronization to transcript
  • Transcripts available in a variety of electronic formats
  • Hard copies shipped upon request
  • Rush delivery including same-day available
  • Secure FTP site available for electronic-only file transfer
  • Original hard copy media stored securely and returned promptly
  • Price estimates within one hour
  • All work performed in the USA - no outsourcing 

For more information email 
or call 1.866.339.2608.