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Complex Asbestos Litigation

US-Legal -Support -152At U.S. Legal Support our specialists have over 25 years of experience in complex asbestos matters, with a dedicated reporting team who are experts in asbestos depositions, having reported over 15,000 depositions. We understand the special requirements and characteristics within asbestos litigation. Our experienced court reporters are committed to assisting you with your complex asbestos matters.  

Asbestos Case Specialists

• Mesothelioma
    - Peritoneal
    - Pleural 
• Lung Cancer
• Asbestosis
• Interstitial Fibrosis
• Pleural Plaques
• Wrongful Death

Asbestos Deposition Specialists

• Plaintiff
• Co-worker
• Heir 
     - Witness in living case
     - Plaintiff in wrongful death case 
• Expert

Complex Asbestos Litigation Services Include:

• Experienced asbestos court reporters throughout the United States
• Video services available throughout the United States
• Day-in-the-life video
• Asbestos calendar team
• Asbestos production team
• Asbestos billing options
• Split billing of originals
• Conference call set-up
• Expert deposition by phone
• Nationwide set-up of large conference rooms

For assistance with searches from our database of over 15,000 transcripts, please inquire at or contact the U.S. Legal Support office nearest you.