Executive Team

Trevor D. Smith

Director, Corporate Development

As Director of Corporate Development, Trevor Smith is primarily responsible for overseeing U.S. Legal Support’s acquisition process. Whether this means working with an owner who’s thinking about an exit or helping U.S. Legal Support expand into a new business service line, it’s Trevor’s job to engineer a transaction that makes sense and works for everyone.

Trevor began his career at Accenture, in New York City, as an operational strategy consultant with a specialized focus in pricing and profitability. Spanning many clients and multiple industries, much of his work was with retail, consumer products, and oilfield service companies. He also spent time in a similar strategic role for a construction and manufacturing firm in Houston, following which he joined the U.S. Legal Support team.

Trevor is a critical part of the U.S. Legal Support executive team not only because the companies acquired are a major component of our growth strategy objective, but also because he plays a significant role in planning and executing on the company’s strategic vision by driving and leading other important initiatives. Joining U.S. Legal Support as a Project Manager in 2015, Trevor quickly stepped into and claimed the corporate development role he’s in today by leveraging his financial and analytical background, his logical approach to solving problems, and his innate ability to build solid, meaningful relationships with just about anyone.

With a passion for people, as Trevor describes it, his objective is to make the sometimes-challenging transition from being an owner to being part of the team as natural as possible for former company owners. At the same time, he works to position acquired firms and U.S. Legal Support for exponential growth and success by capitalizing on the strengths and synergies of both. Through this, he enjoys helping relieve owners of much of the day-to-day operational burden of running a company to focus on the things they enjoy and are passionate about – the things that led them to found their companies in the first place.