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Considering the sale of your business?

At U.S. Legal Support, we’re constantly looking to expand through acquisition. Whether you’ve definitely decided it’s time to sell or you’re just now beginning to think through an exit strategy, we’d love the opportunity to connect with you.

Finding the Right Partner

Our executive team includes a number of professional court reporters and former firm owners, so we know all about the sweat equity you’ve invested to build your business to what it is today. Without a doubt, you’ve spent countless hours developing leaders and mentoring individuals within your organization, building and refining your reputation with clients and within the industry, and growing your top and bottom lines – which is why it is so imperative that you find the right partner to continue your legacy.

Our Acquisition Philosophy

U.S. Legal Support can be that partner. Our goal is to be best in class, so we target the best firms in the industry. Like you, U.S. Legal Support places tremendous emphasis on empowering our employees and providing unparalleled service to our clients. We have a proven track record of successfully acquiring, integrating, and growing numerous court reporting and record retrieval businesses across the nation over our 20+ year history. Not only will we be with you through every step of the process, but we will also work with you to understand your future goals and will value your input and feedback on a continual basis.

Next Steps

The decision to sell your business is one that should be approached with thoughtful consideration. Certainly, you’ll have many questions ranging from the valuation process to the future of your employees and reporters to the care of your clients. Our promise to you is that we will take the time to understand and address your concerns, as well as to treat you with fairness, transparency, integrity, and commitment through the acquisition process and beyond. So, if the sale of your company might be in your future, please contact us. We’d enjoy the chance to share more about what makes U.S. Legal Support unique and answer any preliminary questions you have. All communication will be handled with the utmost confidentiality. We look forward to hearing from you.

Learn more about U.S. Legal Support’s acquisition process by contacting our mergers and acquisitions team:

By email: m& 

By phone: 281-668-8524

Recent Acquisitions

Ellen Grauer Court Reporting

New York, NY
Wheeler & Hallford

Concord, CA
Gramann Reporting

Milwaukee, WI
Bienenstock Nationwide Court
Reporting and Video
Detroit, MI
The School of Court Reporting

Mount Laurel, NJ
Sclafani Williams Court Reporters

Lakeland, FL


“My father started our firm back in 1962, and while I took time to finally commit, I never really considered selling my business to anyone else other than U.S. Legal Support. I knew they were the right group to partner with from the start with their additional service lines and personalized attention to every client. Initially, my plan was to remain with U.S. Legal Support for twelve months or so to see the transition through and to make sure my clients, court reporters, and employees were positioned well. That was four plus years ago, and I still love what I’m doing now more than ever.

Part of the reason I have continued to work for U.S. Legal is the relationships I have throughout the organization. From the CEO, Charles [Schugart], on down, everyone is approachable and willing to work alongside you to get the job done right. I know my input is not only valued, but sought after.”
- Rob Tooker, US Legal Support Director of Business Development
Former owner of Tooker & Antz (San Francisco, CA)


“When I finally came to the realization that it was time to sell my business, I took a careful look at my options. U.S. Legal Support was hands down the right fit for me. Honestly, I’m working harder now than I was when I owned my own firm, if you can believe that. The difference is that now, instead of wearing multiple hats as a small business owner, I get to do what I enjoy most – interact with my clients. Leveraging the resources that U.S. Legal Support has provided me, our book of business has multiplied exponentially. So despite the fact that the work is challenging, I’m more dedicated and I’m having fun.

U.S. Legal Support’s leadership is some of the best in the industry. I work with the executive team on a consistent basis, and I appreciate how transparent they are with me and the company as a whole. Making the move from being self-employed into a large ‘corporate’ environment can be daunting – trust me. However, it was definitely the right decision, and I know I am a valued member of the U.S. Legal Support family.”
- Shelley Plate, US Legal Support Director of Business Development
Former owner of Shelley Plate Court Reporting (Chicago, IL)


“I was initially planning on completely retiring from the business once we sold our company, however, as we were going through the sale process I was so excited and reinvigorated by the energy and potential that U.S. Legal Support brought to the table that I decided to join the U.S. Legal team as well. Our CEO, Charles [Schugart], and COO, Pete [Giammanco], have stood by everything they said they were going to do and they really made the transition seamless. In my time since joining U.S. Legal Support, we have seen the business continue to grow.

U.S. Legal Support does a phenomenal job of investing in and enabling its employees. I was concerned what it might be like for my staff and our reporters joining a larger organization like U.S. Legal Support. Those anxieties were put to rest early as I saw the growth opportunities that my team was given. Many were identified and promoted into roles with greater responsibility and oversight, and they are now flourishing. Never once was there a ‘them-versus-us’ mentality. We were all on the same team from day one!”
- Lauren Bienenstock, US Legal Support Director of Business Development
Former owner of Bienenstock Nationwide Court Reporting & Video (Detroit, MI)